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Shea Butter (Butyrospermun Parki )

Shea butter is a yellowish, ivory or white colored butter that has been enjoyed thousands of years of traditional use by African healers to help alleviate maladies of the skin and scalp.

Shea Butter comes from the African Shea tree found along the West African Savannah region.  It is a wild growing tree that produces tiny, almond-like fruit from which Shea butter is extracted.

The tree itself is not cultivated and takes 40 to 50 years to mature.  Shea butter is a sustainable product.

In most parts of West Africa, destruction of the Shea tree is forbidden due to its economic, health and social benefits.  Shea butter is also considered a valuable natural food source in Africa.

Many herbalists in Africa regard Shea butter as an invaluable agent for internal and external body purification.

Shea Butter is becoming increasingly popular in the natural bodycare and cosmetic industries for good reason.   It has been used for centuries in Africa for its moisturizing and healing properties, where it has been used in natural skin care products and to condition skin which has been damaged by the sun and wind.

Natural Hair Care

These incredible all natural butters are a treat for pampering your skin and have become a luscious ingredient within many all natural skin care and organic hair products.  Shea butter can also stand alone as an excellent dry skin or dry hair care emollient.

The    Pure Shea Butter  we use, and suggest, is 100% natural source, without the use of hydrogenation, foreign ingredients, synthetics, perfumes or preservatives.  It can be applied directly to your hair or skin.

Shea butter offers an unparalleled texture, consistency, and absorption rate.  It's a good introductory butter to experience how simple natural hair care can be.  It's a super all natural conditioner for long hair too.

Traditional Uses Shea Butter

It's excellent when used in natural conditioners, all natural shampoos, luscious body butters, like this one Pre de Provence Lavender Shea Body Butter   hair conditioners, lip balms and other all natural hair and natural skin care products where particular attention is needed to help sooth the skin.  Shea butter is a semi solid soft fat which melts at body temperature or at temperatures over about 89 degress.

If you live in a warm area your Shea butter could be liquid all year, living in the Pacific Northwest, my Shea butter is a semi solid all year long.

Unprocessed Shea can vary in color from a light yellowish to an off white.  Nature does not always smell the same, so the aroma can be more intense in some batches and there can even be a slighty gritty texture in unrefined Shea.

*   Dry skin
*   Stretch marks
*   Anti inflammatory for arthritis
*   As a natural sun screen
*   To relieve blemishes
*   Itchy skin, skin rashes, Eczema, and Dermatitis
*   To relieve Sunburn
*   As a natural hair conditioner
*   Helps minimizes split ends
*   Excellent treatment for dry hair
*   Small skin wounds
*   Damaged or aged skin
*   Rough skin, such as on feet and elbows
*   Insect bites
*   Muscle aches, fatigue, and tension
*   Wrinkles and signs of aging
*   Scars or discoloration
*   Chapped skin from cold weather
*   Dry or over processed hair
*    Diaper rash
*   In massage oil blends
*   Added to bath water
*   Rejuvenating effects
*   Stimulate hair growth
*   Skin allergies
*   Frost bite
*   Before and after sun exposure
*   For animal in the same areas as for humans

Grades of Shea

The best  Shea Butter   is completely raw, unrefined and has a thick nutty aroma.  Don't make the mistake of buying processed Shea butter where bleach or other chemicals are used to change the scent or appearance of the beautiful natural Shea butter.

Chemically processed Shea has lost all of it's potential herbal healing and medicinal herbal properties.  Processed Shea destroys the rich Viamin content of Vitamins A, E, and F and also destroys the minerals that are naturally present.

Shea butter is traditional process done by women in western Africa.  The hand processing method has been passed down through generations of their ancestors.  When you buy Shea butter consider the efforts that went into the natural skin care product.

Hand Processing  After the nuts are picked, they are grilled and hand pounded.  After boiling the Shea nuts in water, the oil rises to the surface where it's removed with gourds.  After cooling the pure Shea butter it has a thick butter like texture and is ready for packaging and shipping.

Supporting raw, unrefinded pure Shea butter is supporting the women of these tiny villages.  The Shea business helps provide for their familys, including water systems and schools.

We are all related.

"Human kind has not woven the web of life.
We are but one thread within it.
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.
All things are bound together.
All things connect."   - Chief Seattle

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