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Little Healthy Changes

A natural healthy life is within your reach, no matter what health condition you are in today.

If you combine healthful recipes, healthy holistic foods, healthful eating and surround yourself with as many healthy lifestyle habits as possible, you will have accomplished much of what it takes to enjoy a healthy natural lifestyle.

Hippocrates once wisely said   ~ "Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue.  They are developed from small daily sins against Nature.  When enough sins have accumulated, illnesses will suddenly appear."

Life is sweet, meant to be shared and enjoyed to the fullest, all living creatures will eventually die.  The circle of life begins at birth, ends at death and continues into the spirit world.

There are no magic health bullets that anyone can take for instant good health or to reverse a lifetime of bodily abuse.  Your body and your maker are the only source of  "cure"  for anything that ails you.

If your body gets the right healthy food as fuel and the right exercise it will be healthier.  How much healthier will depend on everything that you include and everything that you exclude from your environment.

Every body is different, your diligence, persistence & knowledge will help you discover what your path to good health is and how you can develop and maintain good health.

Foods & herbs are merely the fuel, your body is the vehicle, your mind is the driver and your creator is the engineer...when all work in harmony the results complete the holistic circle and are as nature intended.

Truth About Childhood Obesity

Chubby, chunky, fat or obese - call it what you will,
childhood obesity is a BIG problem.

Free Kefir Recipe eBook from Cultures for Health

Daily Health Changes

   *   Raw food  Eat as much as possible, work up to 75% or more.  Every bite of raw food can help make a difference.  Some people are 100% raw foodies, while others include some raw food daily and other still are discovering what works best for them.  Start with some raw food or juice with raw food to get started.   Include plenty of   Super Foods  and  Super Food Powders

This free  Raw Food For 30 Days  video is educational and helpful.  You might be surprised how many people are regaining their health by eating raw.  Including former   Junk Food President Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton was recently interviewd on CNN and gave details regarding his phenomenal health transformation.  Apparently his heart surgery stint was becoming clogged again and he did not want to repeat the surgery.  It was sheer joy to hear him speak of his conversion to natural foods.  Clinton attributes his loss of weight and restoration of health to a natural plant based diet.  If you haven't already seen this interview, it's worth it.

   *  Exercise  ~ some every day or pay the price later in life.  A highly effective method is Rebounding it's beneficial for the entire body and particularly the lymph system, rebounding is used therapeutically for many serious health disorders, and can be done at any age, even by the elderly.

   *  Drink Herbal Teas  ~ Select from  Premium Gourmet Teas  or explore the delights of  Ayurvedic Teas use ancient medicinal herbs & formulas,  Chinese Medicinal Teas are well respected for their therapeutic blends and are delicious.  If you don't know how to make a good pot of tea, you can learn everything there is about  Teas From A-Z and find convential blends.

   *  Probiotics with meals help restore beneficial bacteria and support digestive disorders, help provide appropriate environment to relieve constipation or diarrhea.

   *  Serrapeptase Enzymes  are shown to rid the body of inflammation, believed to be the source of numerous unresolved disorders.  I take 80,000 units 2 x daily and also give to my animals as needed for joint disorders.

   *  Stress Reduction   is a critical part of natural health.  Everything is stressful today, constant bombardment of politics, sounds, cell phones, radiation, families, professional, junk food, insufficient rest and we're created a disaster for stress and a health crisis.  Unresolved stress could result in serious chronic disorders.

There are so many ways to relieve stress, through prayer, a walk in nature, exercise, yoga, meditation or   Brainwave Therapy   
This is one method that works beautifully for me and my animals.  Combining music, or sounds of nature with brainwave therapay is very relaxing and enjoyable and can be done in just a few minutes any where.

Using pure essential oils and  Aromatherapy  to help fill your office, car or home with your preferred aromas to help create a tranquil environment that everyone appreciates.

Biofeed back is another means to help create  Wilddivine  Relaxing Rhythms

   *  Know Your Blood Pressure   Even if you're young and aren't overweight, dont'smoke, take recreational or prescription drugs, eat junk food, have plenty of rest and sleep, or have other risky lifestyle behaviors, it's still a great idea to know what your blood pressure is.

Check it every few months to get a baseline so you will be able recognize when there's a change.  If the numbers stay within the lower normal range, consider yourself fortunate.  Keep those numbers in the back of your mind and unless there are significant changes in your life that could affect your blood pressure, decide if you want to check it yearly or more frequently.

High blood pressure is known as the silent killer, it's usually without symptoms and when you first discover you have it, it could be in the form of heart failure, stroke or a heart attack.  There are incredible   Ayurvedic  natural remedies that help balance blood pressure without harmful side effects.  Hawthorne Extract  is an excellent herb with numerous cardiac benefits.

Heart Health Supplements
Blood Pressure Supplements

   *  Know Your Blood Sugar   There are self tests or your doctor can do it for you.  Eating junk food or following the conventional wisdom of eating what the USDA considers a well balanced diet will put you at a greater risk for blood sugar imbalances than if you include raw foods in your meal selections.  Of course, as long as your imbalances don't become too out of whack, there are simple natural  Ayurvedic Blood Sugar Formulas  and other herbal  Blood Sugar Supplements

   *  Sleep Well  If you fall asleep quickly and get your 8 hours nightly, you're doing great.  If you're still wound up from work or life you might find  BrainWave Therapy   for deep sleep.  You'll be surprised how quickly the sounds of nature, combined with music and the correct rhythms can create the right atmosphere for deep, sound sleep.

   *  Super foods  Are not only healthy for you, but most are  delicious and easy to include in a healthy living diet.

   *  Vitamin D  Our bodies need sufficient Vitamin D.  It's extimated that about 90% of Americans are suffering from insufficient vitamin D.

Vitamind D deficiency is contributory to inflammation, arthritis, depression, astha, influenza, heart disorders, diabetes, cancer, skin disorders such as psoriasis, autoimmune disorders.

Vitamin D is really a hormone that our skin produces when we expose it, without sunblock to natural sunlight.  If we're getting plenty of sun, without burning, daily on bare skin without sun block, then that should be sufficient.

If you live in cold winter climates you might consider supplementing with Vitamin D.  Vitamin D affects all areas of your body and is required for optimal health and a strong immune system.  I take 5,000 units daily when there isn't full sun.

   *  Water  Make pure, chemically untreated natural water your primary drink, it hydrates every cell in your body.  If you live in a city, maybe you've never really tasted delicious, pure water?

The Ceramic Block Magnet  is used to make revitalized, good tasting magnetic water.

Food And Stuff To Avoid

Are some of these things actually considered food?

   *  Artificial additives

   *  Aspartame or ANY other artificial sweeteners.

   *  Chemical preservatives
 contain carcinogens.

   *  Chips & snack foods eat  raw food instead.

   *  Colorings found in sweets, chips, cereals, processed meats, candy.

   *  Convenience packaged food just reading the label should be enough to stop you.

   *  Cow milk choose raw goat milk, almond milk or water instead.

   *  Energy drinks  are in plasic bottles, most have high HFCS or sugar content, colorings & phosphoric acid.

   *  Fast Food If you've never seen a McDonalds' Cheesburger that was old enough to vote, this is your chance, and it's deadly serious.  Watch it  The Bionic Burger  and hopefully you'll never feel the same about fast food again.

Commercial hamburgers do not decompose, rot or mold because they are not food, and this fellow has a Burger Museum to prove it!

If you do nothing else, your first and most significant and important move toward healthy living, is to give up junk food like substances and fast food, including sodas.

Your Input Is Welcome

Would you like to add your two cents worth? Maybe more, maybe less? Something witty to say or a question to ask? Maybe a different perspective? This is the spot to do it.

We all have unique perspectives and backgrounds, which means there are times we find ourselves as teachers and other times we are students again, life is a circle and this is where we can learn from each other.

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Traditionally, the importance of  Iodine  to the biological function of the body was focused on iodine's role in the nourishment of the thyroid gland, particularly for the production of T3 and T4 hormones and the regulation of metabolism.  However, as the understanding of this nutrient has progressed, we come to understand that the role of iodine in the body far surpasses what most thought, and is not only necessary for overall health, but a crucial component of the detoxification process.

Edible Earth

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The morning mists, the clouds, the gathering waters
I become a part of it............Navajo chant

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