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Cacao   ( Theobroma cacao) ~   Known as the  "The Food of the Gods."  Cacao contains a pharmacological and biochemical complexity unparalleled by any other jungle food source.  Scientists date the use of cacao  (also Cocoa)  to at least 480 AD.

Cortes was possibly one of the first Europeans to taste chocolate in 1519 when the Aztec emperor Moctezuma greeted Cortes and his army in Mexico city with chocolatl!  Cortes discovered the Aztecs popular bitter chocolate drink made with water, spices, ground cacao beans, honey & maize.  Aztecs called chocolate xocoatl or cacahuatl.

Aztecs used luxury items including Cacao beans as currency.  Montezuma had vaults loaded with Cacao beans.  Ancient Mayan, Aztec cultures knew that Chocolate increased energy, vitality, sexual prowess and bestowed wisdom on those who appreciated it.  Only during modern times has chocolate gained a reputation as an unhealthy indulgence.

Chocolate has more than 600 natural chemicals, 230 have known potential health benefits.  Magnesium rich, a literal powerhouse of nutrients, including minerals such as sulfur, magnesium, calcium, all help support the heart, brain, muscles and bones.

More importantly Cacao is very rich in   antioxidant bioflavonoids.  Chocolate craving has a hedonistic appeal for the sensory characteristics, texture, aroma, taste & sensations.  Such cravings are often episodic and fluctuate with hormonal changes, such as that time of the month, suggesting a hormonal link and possible gender specific nature of chocolate cravings.   Men don't seem to get quite that same glazed over lustful look in their eyes when expelling the virtues of Chocolate.

Here's the most important information....are you ready?   Per ounce, would you believe the wonderful news that dark chocolate actually has MORE  antioxidants   than fruits, vegetables, tea or wine?

Cacao contains four times the levels of catechins  (a type of antioxidant)  as black tea, a beverage often studied for its antioxidant activity.   It's true!   According to recent research and clinical trials at Cornell University, just 1.5 oz of dark chocolate has as many antioxidants as 5 oz. of red wine.

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Eat Broccoli But Drench Yourself In

Savor it!  Crave it!  Wear it!  Give it as a token of love & pleasure.  But by all means enjoy it!  To your health!

You can even bathe in it!  Chocolate Soap and Body Wash  is like washing yourself with chocolate.  Cleaning has never felt so sinful with organic cocoa butter, goats milk and pure essential oils for a hint of mint.  Of if you prefer a liquid Chocolate wash.

This 100% Pure Dark Chocolate Mocha Shower Gel is a delicious and richly foaming Gel is made with antioxidant rich dark Belgian chocolate and invigorating organic Hawaiian Kona coffee.  This decadent, sweet foaming elixir is also made with Lavender Honey, Kukui Nut oil, vitamins, Oregano, Thyme, Cinnamon and antioxidants to hydrate, soften, and nourish. 100% Pure Dark Chocolate Mocha Shower Gel

Just a few additional benefits of chocolate:

   *  decreased diabetes
   *  improved blood pressure according to American Heart Association!
   *  for emaciated patients to help them gain weight
   *  helps prevent cellular damage
   *  treatment for anemia
   *  helps increase appetite
   *  helps relieve mental fatigue
   *  aids in poor breast milk production
   *  helps with tuberculosis, consumption, fever, gout, kidney stones
   *  aids in boosting sexual appetite & low virility
   *  used to administer drugs to counter bitter taste
   *  used to treat burns, cuts & skin irritations
   *  helps improve digestion & elimination
   *  stimulates kidneys and improves bowel function
   *  helps stimulate the nervous system of exhausted or weak people
   *  increases HDL (good) cholesterol levels
   *  rich in B1, B2 and D vitamins, and magnesium
   *  high in potassium, protein, phosphorus, calcium and iron
   *  improved vasodilator, helping increase stamina during exercise.
   *  cholesterol free, may also block oxidation of LDL cholesterol
   *  associated with euphoria and reduced depression due to phenylthylamine
   *  increased serotonin levels, believed to explain chocolate cravings
   *  Serotonin, a neurotransmitter thought to instill calm and relaxed feelings
   *  serotonin is related to premenstrual syndrome, explaining chocolate cravings
   *  Stearic acid is beneficial saturated fat for blood cholesterol.

The European Board of Health lists chocolate as a pre-digestive aid


Romanicos Chocolate The Perfect Gift


Cacao is the base of all chocolate products and chocolate desserts, and is used in hot cocoa drinks, chocolate mousse, coffee drinks, truffles and liquors.  Cacao beans, chopped as  Cacao nibs,  are deep, dark, delicious and are pure unadulterated source of cacao.  They can be used for almost any type of edible delight or eaten straight, mixed or added as a trail mix.

Cacao nibs  provide all of chocolate's natural nourishment without any of the synthetics that you find with commercial chocolate, or candy bars, that are on the market.  They can be used in a wide variety of natural treats, desserts, teas, and beverages.  They can also be ground up and blended into smoothies.  When used appropriately, cacao is a restorative to the body.

Choose certified organically Cacao.  The cultivation is labor intensive, so appreciate each nibble and the effort it took to produce.  Just a little bit goes a long way.  Use in moderation or enjoy the consequences if you're more bold.

WARNING  Do NOT let your dogs or cat eat any chocolate, it is POTENTIALLY DEADLY!

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Would you like to share your Chocolate Experience with the rest of the world?  If your submission of a great recipe, wonderful Valentine chocolate love story, a special or hilarious moment involving Chocolate, this is your chance to create a webpage devoted to your topic.  You can even include photos!

Are you a chocolate lover?

Do you have a great story, recipe or a favorite chocolate? Share it with other readers.

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