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Grains To Blame?

According to Sally Fallon, journalist, chef, nutrition researcher, homemaker and community activist  "The current USDA dietary guidelines are based on the flawed notion that cholesterol and saturated fat are unhealthy.  They are unrealistic, unworkable, unscientific and impractical; they have resulted in widespread nutrient deficiencies and contributed to a proliferation of obesity and degenerative disease, including problems with growth, behavior and learning in children."   Well said, Sally!

Child Obesity in America: "Mommy, Mommy!  Why Am I Fat?"



According to Richard C. Cook, veteran Project Manager for the U.S. Treasury Department and Policy Analyst for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration:  "Cheap, mass-produced foods are largely based on grains and beef raised by massive agribusiness firms, so that the  atrocious American diet  is inextricably linked with capitalist enterprise controlled by Wall Street.

American farming at present is completely incapable of supplying nutritious foods  on a scale that would make a difference.  In order to furnish natural and healthy foods to poorer markets would require a revolution in American farming where small family farms using heirloom seeds and natural farming methods would once again become prosperous.

Unfortunately, this sector has been destroyed by agribusiness and by the federal government policies, not to mention bank lending practices, that favor it.  We also have a massive food chemical industry, closely aligned with the pharmaceutical industry, that thrives on doctoring unhealthy and non-nutritious food, with the aid of the Food and Drug Administration which approves their chemical formulas.

A key ingredient is high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), suspected of being a major cause of diabetes and heart disease, as well as obesity.  Much of the HFCS is extracted from corn grown from  genetically-modified seed which has been rammed down the throats of American farmers, again by the massive agribusiness firms such as Monsanto.

Our biological genetic makeup was 99.99% formed prior to agriculture.  We were flesh eating hunter gatherers with periods of food insufficiency before we were farmers.    Robert Cryahon MS and author of "Paleolithic Diet"  distinguishes carbohydrates into Paleocarbs which include vegetables, fruits & some tubers and Neocarbs which are carbs produced in the last 10,000 years and include grains, legumes & flours.

All grains, including organic and whole grains, have nutritional deficiencies, elevate your insulin levels, which increase your risk of serious disease and are often eaten at the exclusion of more nutritional meats, vegetables & fruits.

Eating Grains Is Associated with:

   *   allergies
   *   weight grain
   *   chronic disease
   *   high blood pressure
   *   imbalance cholesterol
   *   heart disease
   *   cancer
   *   diabetes
   *   auto immune disorders
   *   inflammatory conditions

Humans thrive better on a biologically appropriate diet of nutrient dense lean meats, fish, nuts, seeds and low glycemic fruits and veggies.  The majority of North Americans have insulin related challenges.

If Americans are to conquer obesity and reclaim their health, we must look to our ancestors.  We can do this by eliminating or severely reducing our consumption of corn based food, grains, all sweets, fried foods and sodas.

Healthy fats are essential for humans.
Protein is essential for humans.
Carbohydrates are not considered essential for humans.

Excessive carbohydrates in the form of grains, starches, sugars & sweets stimulate Insulin and are responsible for all those bulging bellies and rolls of fat.   High insulin also suppresses two hormones responsible for burning fats and sugar and for muscle development.

More insulin promotes more fat bodies and further prevents our ability to lose fat.   In other words grains convert to sugar in your body.

We already know the risks associated with obesity.   Today obesity affects 30-40% of all adult North Americans.  Two thirds of Americans will also develop heart disease.

Obesity is caused by over consuming the wrong type of carbohydrates and eating too many empty calories.  Obesity promotes a more leading sedentary lifestyle and makes you sick and miserable before it kills you.

Obesity Contributes To:

   *   heart disease
   *   gallbladder disorders
   *   adrenal failure
   *   immune suppression
   *   digestive disorders
   *   allergies
   *   diabetes
   *   liver disorders
   *   cancer
   *   being forced to buy two airline seats

Doesn't it seem like something is horribly wrong with our health and that it's getting worse?  We can STOP this obesity epidemic and reclaim our health.

If you have a normal body weight and are apparently healthy including limited amounts of grains in your diet is acceptable.  Stay in touch with your body, what's good for you at 20 years of age may not work later in life.

I hope our foreign friends think twice before copying the health destructive Industrial Junk Food style of North Americans.

Proskins US

Trying To Battle The Bulges?

Fruit has sugar in the form of fructose and while many people of normal weight can eat fruit without weight gain, people that are sensitive to carbohydrates and fructose need to restrict their total fructose consumption.  I'm trying to keep mine below 25 grams daily.

In addition to the conditions associated with excessive grains, if you are eating too much sugar for your body you may also experience other symptoms.  It's surprising how much fructose is in fruits, check this chart.

Other Symptoms Associated With Sugar Consumption

   *   anxiety
   *   asthma
   *   bladder/bowel dysfunction
   *   blurry vision or other impairment
   *   earaches
   *   indigestion
   *   bronchitis
   *   eczema
   *   joint/muscle pain
   *   yeast infection
   *   brain fog or mental distraction
   *   diarrhea or constipation
   *   fatigue or tension
   *   bloating
   *   dizziness
   *   immune system dysfunction
   *   sinus congestion
   *   frequent colds
   *   headaches or migraines
   *   backaches
   *   depression
   *   hypoglycemia
   *   itchy skin
   *   cold intolerance
   *   forgetfulness or short term memory loss


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If you must shop in US style supermarkets

   *   Shop only the outside aisles or organic sections
   *   Avoid inside aisles full of packaged, synthetic food like substances
   *   Eat small quantities more often and you'll gain weight.  Eat only between 11 am -7pm or noon to 8pm, 2 or 3 meals with nothing else at any other time
   *   Aim for 75% raw food
   *   Consider reading   12 Steps to Raw Foods
   *   Keep everything close to nature ie Butter, not margarine etc
   *   Use only grass fed or free range meat
   *   Remember about 90% of Soy & Corn in the US is GMO
   *   Use herbs  for taste and beneficial properties
   *   Avoid fat free  "food" (carbs, sugar, synthetics)  we need  good fats!
   *   Avoid non organic dairy products
   *   Avoid pasteurized or irradiated everything, it's dead
   *   ALL soda made in the US contains High Fructose Corn Syrup, why risk it?
   *   Jarritos (made in Mexico) Soda contains sugar, still bad, but not like HFCS

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"When the Earth is sick, the animals will begin to disappear, when that happens,
The Warriors of the Rainbow will come to save them." ~ Chief Seattle

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