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What Are Superfoods?

Superfoods:  The Food and Medicine of the Future  Without legal definitions to confine and restrict Superfoods, everyone may have their own slightly different interpretations or top 10 superfoods list, or even different concepts of superfoods benefits.  Some of the old familiar top superfoods and their health benefits always show up on almost everyone's list.

Some people list 12 Superfoods while others are more ambitious with excellent books on  The 200 SuperFoods That Will Save Your Life: A Complete Program to Live Younger, Longer  There are easily hundreds of power foods and you'll develop your own list, I've limited mine to about 50 and it was hard to keep it so short!

Superfoods are called super foods because they contain high concentrations of critically important nutrients, are generally low in calories and high in Antioxidants.  They are respected in all cultures and are included in ancient healing therapies, such as Tradidtional Chinese Medicine or Ayurvedic remedies.

Superfood Deniers?

Some claim that anything edible is food and that it's all the same, fast food, processed food, industrial food, synthetic & false foods.  They claim that using the term superfood is a marketing scheme.

Some conventional allopaths reject the entire concept that any food can provide any health benefit.  I raise my glass to these individuals and wonder if they load their plates with GMO veggies and other false foods, or if in the interest of their bottom line they only hope that we follow their advice?

According to Richard C. Cook, veteran Project Manager for the U.S. Treasury Department and Policy Analyst for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration:  "Cheap, mass-produced foods are largely based on grains and beef raised by massive agribusiness firms, so that the atrocious American diet is inextricably linked with capitalist enterprise controlled by Wall Street.

American farming at present is completely incapable of supplying nutritious foods on a scale that would make a difference.  In order to furnish natural and healthy foods to poorer markets would require a revolution in American farming where small family farms using heirloom seeds and natural farming methods would once again become prosperous.

Unfortunately, this sector has been destroyed by agribusiness and by the federal government policies, not to mention bank lending practices, that favor it.   We also have a massive food chemical industry, closely aligned with the pharmaceutical industry, that thrives on doctoring unhealthy and non-nutritious food, with the aid of the Food and Drug Administration which approves their chemical formulas."

                         Bulk Raw Foods

                         Edible Earth

                         Clay Baths

Lesson To Identify Food

   *  it is grown and has quality that varies
   *  it spoils quickly
   *  will reproduce from seed, spore etc
   *  requires some preparation
   *  does not have ingredient labels
   *  flavorful, with rich colors, textures
   *  ancient traditions include eating this food

False Food Identification

   *  produced in a factory
   *  grown with pesticides & toxic chemicl fertilizers
   *  produced with growh hormones, antibiotics vaccines
   *  frequently enhanced with chemicals
   *  if an animal product, often fed distillers grains & other waste
   *  usually a GMO
   *  aftificially flavored & preserved
   *  does not satisfy the appetite
   *  tends to be addictive
   *  prepackaged
   *  will not spoil
   *  animnals will naturally reject eating it given the option

My Superfood, Superfruit Or Superherb Definition:

   *  whole, natural food  (vegetable, fruit, root, oil, herb, algae, grain, sprouts,
       berries, bark etc)
   *  Raw or unprocessed, never canned, irradiated or pasteurized
   *  organic, wildcrafted or naturally grown without pesticides
   *  raw, dried or flash frozen
   *  never a GMO
   *  nutrient rich with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fatty acids
   *  antioxidant rich
   *  offer well grounded and extraordinary health benefits
   *  Superfoods are truly Raw Energy That Supercharges Your Body

Enjoying a superfoods diet with specific nutrients has been proven to be beneficial in the reduction, control and defense against many nutritional deficiency disorders such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and many cancers.

It might be easy to think of these raw superfoods as super potent, turbo charged, power foods!   Raw Juices Can Save Your Life!

Enjoy super health benefits with super foods!

Superfood Diet

Don't worry if you missed your invitation to the  The Raw Food Revolution .
People around the world are experiencing the health benefits of superfoods and they're excited about sharing their experience with others!

How About Sharing Your Raw Superfood Story?

There are so many people on the verge of including raw superfoods in their diets, but just need a little extra encouragement. Maybe hearing your story will help them and they can help someone else!

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Did you know that Raw Food Is Faster Than Takeout!   Eating superfoods is much quicker, easier and healthier than you can imagine!  It's always much faster than cooking a whole conventional American meal!

Would you believe  Raw Meals In Ten Minutes?    Or learn how to experience super healthy Alive in 5: Raw Gourmet Meals in Five Minutes

And don't forget  SuperFoods For Babies and Children!

What dessert lover doesn't know that desserts spelled backwards is stressed?  And that's how they feel without desserts.  Well, no more guilt about desserts, there are some incredibly delicious and healthy  Rawmazing Desserts!

6 Reasons why diets fail

Diets actually make your fat cells fatter.

Trying to starve a fat cell only boosts its ability to store fat, take in new fat, and multiply.   Fat cells respond to starvation by holding onto the fat they already have and becoming more aggressive at taking in new fat once the diet is over.

When you skip breakfast, for example, your stomach growls and sends a message to your body that it is starving and it immediately begins to store fat for future use.

The Vitamix Solution: Regular meals and healthy snacks of fiber-filled whole foods are all part of the Vitamix Lifestyle.

If you don't eat breakfast, start tomorrow!  Breakfast provides you with the nutrition you need to supercharge your brain, so you function better all morning long.

Choose Vitamix homemade whole wheat bread or quick and easy whole food juice and breakfast becomes nutritious as well as delicious.
Learn Why Conventional Diets Make You Fatter and How To Reclaim Your Health And Energy!

Health Benefits Superfoods or Superfruits

   *  natural whole food providing super nutrition
   *  stabilizes body's pH levels, protecting against bacteria, viruses, mold,
       yeast etc
   *  provide maximum energy
   *  helps lose weight permanently and maintain weight loss
   *  improved glandular function
   *  protects & fortifies a robust immune system
   *  slows aging process
   *  defends against alzheimers etc
   *  promotes strong bones & growth
   *  detoxification properties
   *  supports superior brain, heart & organ functions
   *  reduces inflammation
   *  anti tumor, anti bacterial, anti viral properties
   *  protects body from free radicals
   *  surprasses minimum daily vitamin requirements
   *  promotes healthy skin & hair
   *  defends against many nutritional deficienceis & health disorders

Why not consider something really radical and natural?  Like starting your own Organic superfood garden?  You can easily grow this near a sunny window inside an apartment.  Grow fresh all year long.

Wildharvested & Organic Seeds
Organic Kitchen Herb Seeds
Organic Medicinal Herb Seeds
Organic Chili Lover Seeds
Organic Salad Greens Seeds

Ways to Include Superfoods

   *  SuperFood Fruit Smoothie?
   *  Raw Protein Smoothies
   *  14 Organic Green Smoothies
Green Smoothie Revolution
   *  Raw Juicing
   *  Nuts & Seeds As Snacks
Nut Butters   for breakfast, lunch, dinners or on fruit, celery or toast
   *  herbs in smoothies, soups,  Teas,  over salads, over veggies, in dressings
   *     Raw Cereals

If you're new to smoothies or unsure of what foods to combine, there are some excellent  Food Combining books  that help explain the principles behind combining some foods and not mixing others.


Eating Superfoods Daily

Healthy eating means trying to include as many healthy foods and herbs as possible.  People that have ever had a serious, life threatening health challenge, tend to be the type of person that becomes deadly serious about eating healthy every meals, every day.  They are not dying to stay healthy.

They are also the type of person that takes healthy living and healthy eating 100% deadly serious.

They appreciate good health, having lost it, and will do everything possible to restore, reclaim and rebalance any health challenges.  Anything less than 100% healthy eating for them is unacceptable.  Each of us is different, with different backgrounds, challenges, perspectives and expectations.  Each of us must choose, and be responsible for, our desired level of health.

Every right thing you do is a step in the right direction, every bite of toxic false food represents a future health challenge or possible crisis.  Even though it may not seem conceivable that false food restaurants and false food supermarkets would deliberately sell us food that destroys our health, the truth exists whether we "believe" it or not.

We are truly what we eat.  But more than that we are also part of the earth from which our foods are grown, we are from the foods, grains and grasses of any animals that we eat.   Thus, by eating animal flesh and the crops, or slop, that they have eaten, we become what they eat.

The below listed superfoods are just some of my favorites, power packed with super nutrition and real goodness. What could be quicker, easier or more delicious than a  SuperFood Fruit Smoothie?  Or a  Superfood Veggie Smoothie?

The   Green Smoothies Diet: The Natural Program for Extraordinary Health  is very helpful to get you on the right path.  Raw Juicing: The Healthy, Easy and Delicious Way to Gain the Benefits of the Raw Food Lifestyle  will help complete your Superfood smoothie learning curve.

To your health & longevity!

Superfoods Links ~
( feeling guilty for omitting many Sacred Foods)

Acai     Blue Grn. Algae     ElderBerries     Oregano    
Acerola     Buckwheat     Evening Primrose     Pomegranate    
Alfalfa Cacao Flax Pumpkin seed
Aloe Camu Camu Ginger Purple Corn
Amalaki Cayenne Goat Milk Quinoa
Arjuna Chaga Goji Reishi
Ashwagandha Chlorella Hawthorne Rice Bran
Astragalus Cilantro Hemp Rosehips
Bee Pollen Cinnamon Inca Berries Sea Buckthorn
Beetroot Cloves Kelp Spinach
Bilberry Coconut Oil Lucuma Spirulina
Black Chia Dark Chocolate Maca Tulsi
Black Cumin Dulse Mesquite Turmeric

"Those who think they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness."  Edward Stanley  (1826-1893)  from The Conduct of Life

Healthy Food Links

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Dirty Dozen      GMO      ORAC Chart      Soy
Food Wars      Goat Milk      Raw Food World      Super Foods

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