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Raw Goat Milk

Remember the stories about Cleopatra bathing in milk?  Well it's true and since cattle were not domesticated it was more than likely raw goat's milk, with raw sheep milk as a close second possibility.  It was not pasteurized or homogenized and it didn't come in plastic.

Cleo didn't need government permission to drink raw goat milk either, everyone knew the health benefits of goat milk, goat kefir, yogourt & goat cheese.  The world still appreciates the nutritional value of goat milk.  Raw goat milk.  72% of the milk drinking world, drinks goat milk.

The Bible references milk 50 times.  It does not reference The Land Of Pasteurized Milk & Cooked Honey!

Goat Milk Nutritional Facts

According to the Journal of American Medicine, "Goat's milk is the most complete food known."

Raw Goat Milk Nutrients ~ straight from the goat, raw goat milk contains over 50 nutrients, including the vitamins A, C, B1, B6, B12 and E, minerals, enzymes, citric acid, amino acids, fatty acids, electrolytes, unsaturated fatty acids and digests in 20 minutes versus up to 8 hours that it takes to digest cow's milk.

Raw Goat's milk is a healthy living food that could sustain our nutritional needs if we were "stranded on an island."  It's that beneficial and can easily be included in any  raw food diet, and oh what luscious raw food smoothies  can be blended with raw goat milk!   With a chemical structure similar to mother's milk, goat milk provides everything that we need and doesn't produce mucous as does cow's milk.

        "Raw milk cures many diseases" J.E. Crewe, MD. Founder of The Mayo Foundation
        "Pasteurized milk from confinement dairies can cause much sickness and cost many
        lives." ~ Dr Ron Schmid

Isn't is surprising that Americans will belly up to a False Food Counter and gorge themselves with synthetic food like substances that will never decompose and cause enormous health problems, yet they fear something natural, like raw milk?

Why is it that in America we have to work so hard to overcome the effects of $50 billion spent yearly by the False Food Manufacturers who try to convince us that we should avoid natural foods?  Especially raw, unadulterated foods.

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Goat Milk Properties

   *  no cream separation due to smaller fat molecules
   *  protein forms soft curd makes it easily & rapidly digestible
   *  Rich in amino acids & 8 that body can't produce
   *  13% more calcium than cow's milk
   *  25% more B-6
   *  27% more antioxidant rich selenium
   *  47% more Vitamin A
   *  134% more potassium
   *  300% more niacin
   *  antimicrobial properties
   *  more chlorine & fluorine, natural germicides, fluorine assists in preventing diabetes
   *  contains more silicon tuberculosis, found in cows and not goats
   *  neutralizes acids
   *  anti inflammatory properties
   *  potassium rich
   *  immune system modulation
   *  non mucus forming & helps relieves mucus
   *  non allergenic
   *  good for lactose intolerant
   *  easily digested, great for elderly, children, infants, animals

Pretty hard to be that USDA Nutrient List isn't it?

But let's try.  Raw Goat's Milk is the highest sodium food known on this planet!  Sodium, known as the "youth"  element, that will help keep us from becoming old goats!

Sodium effects our metabolism, keeps us youthful, flexible, limber with pliable joints and strong bones.  Why do you think that the dominant society wants to keep you from discovering this healthy, living food?

Health Benefits Raw Goat Milk

   *  relieves brain & nerve disorders
   *  protects against arthritic conditions
   *  relieves asthma
   *  reduces neuralgia
   *  reduces fluid retention
   *  defends against liver disease
   *  reduces your risk of metabolic syndrome by up to 62%
   *  combats ulcers with effective acid buffering
   *  removes heavy metal poisoning
   *  protects against malnutrition
   *  prevent high blood pressure
   *  protects against atherosclerosis
   *  relieves kidney stones & other kidney disorders
   *  protects against & relieves diabetes
   *  gastric disturbances
   *  colitis
   *  aids poor digestion
   *  relieves diarrhea
   *  relieves constipation
   *  defends against heart disease
   *  reduces obesity
   *  IBS
   *  alkalizes the digestive system
   *  not acid producing
   *  increases pH of bloodstream
   *  cancer prevention
   *  nourishes & revitalizes dehydrated, damaged skin
   *  slows effects of aging
   *  prevents brown spots & skin thickening
   *  contributes to reconstruction of collagen
   *  encourages moisture retention
   *  promotes skin elasticity

Do You Have Raw Milk Stories?

Do you have an interesting story about this? Has your health improved? Share the news!

What Do Whiskey & Pasteurized Milk Have In Common?

Money.  Big money.

Isn't big business always about money and never about the consumers' health or what they want to buy?

American Whiskey distilleries started production in the US after whiskey imports stopped with the war of 1812.  Alcohol production resulted in large amounts of wasted grain.  Distillery waste disposal represented a major expense.  This distilleries waste by product was called swill or slop.

Now what to do with this chemically altered waste?  Why not feed it to the cows?  Get rid of the garbage by feeding it to the cows!

Cows are biologically equipped to graze on grass, they do not naturally eat corn or grains.  They had to be forced to eat this smelly slop.

Farmers would stop feeding all food and water and give the cows salt to make them thirsty.  Then they were given cold slop until they got used to it, it was that or starve.  Once the cows were used to it they would be fed the hot slop right from the stills.  Streamlined efficiency.

These confined animal feed lots were the precursors to our manure mounded, crowded, disease ridden filthy pens that we have today.   The slop made the cows sick.  The milk produced from sick cows who were fed this whiskey distillery slop was very poor quality.

Pathogenic bacteria increased resulting in unhealthy and contaminated milk.  There was no concern for the cow's health or the quality of the milk or the people who bought and drank the milk.  Not surprisingly there were deaths caused by the raw milk produced in those conditions.

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What Are Distillers Grains?

Bill Weiss, Maurice Eastridge, Dianne Shoemaker, and Normand St-Pierre Ohio State University Extension ~ "Distillers grains are a byproduct of whiskey and fuel ethanol production.  They have a very long history of being fed to livestock; the first study in the United States about feeding distillers grains to cattle was published in 1907.

The tremendous growth in fuel ethanol production has greatly increased the supply of distillers grains, resulting in increased interest in feeding them.  Annual production of distillers grains  (on a dry basis)  was about 1 million tons in 1998, about 10 million tons in 2006, and is estimated to reach 16 million tons by 2010."

Sadly feedlot cattle are still being fed this slop.   That's 16 million tons of distiller waste being fed to beef and dairy cows in the US in 2010.  Wrap your head around that fact!

Nothing has changed about cows, they are still not biologically equipped to eat this waste slop.  Remember, we already know that the majority of corn used in the US is GMO  And of course GMO SOY is also a  "co product"  in distiller grains.

How about voting with your dollars and stop swallowing their swill?

Pasteurization Opportunity

German born Nathan Strauss, the founder of Macy's Department Stores, gathered powerful friends to help broker the dangers of raw milk in order to help spread the concept of milk pasteurization.  President Roosevelt ordered a study by 20 government "experts"  and determined in 1909 that raw milk was dangerous.

With that one self serving report, and the help of an American President, thousands of years of natural raw milk drinking was now considered dangerous.

The truth eradicated and changed into a lie, all in the interest of big business.  Have things changed today?

Lie upon lie they also said that the chemical composition or nutritional values were unchanged by pasteurization.   The Untold Story of Milk: Green Pastures, Contented Cows and Raw Dairy Products  by Ron Schmid, ND reveals some very inconvenient truths.

The prohibition of whiskey was repealed in 1931.  The battle against the prohibition of fresh, natural, healthy raw milk is still being fought.  Milk: The Fight for Purity

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What Effect Does Pasteurization Have?

According to former president Rosevelt and his friends, there is no effect.  Gosh, would our president and these men lie to innocent Americans?

   *  pasteurization at 145 degrees kills everything
   *  changes a healthy natural food into a harmful dead food
   *  associated with mucus formation
   *  promotes tooth decay
   *  causes infant colic
   *  causes allergies
   *  contributes to growth problems in children
   *  contributes to osteoporosis
   *  contributes to and aggravates arthritis
   *  causes heart disease
   *  causes cancer
   *  destroys Vitamin C, B12, B6
   *  destroys enzymes
   *  diminishes vitamin potentcy
   *  kills beneficial bacteria
   *  promotes pathogenic bacteria

And ultra-pasteurization heats the milk to 280 degrees, rendering it completely indigestible.  Think of these facts when you see those Got Milk advertisements.

What Others Say

Dr. John E. Crewe stated, "the results  (from the raw milk diet) obtained in various types of disease have been so uniformly excellent that one's conception of disease and its alleviation is necessarily changed.   The method itself is so simple that it does not greatly interest most doctors."

How did raw milk go from being considered a healthy, natural, nutrient rich, near perfect food and medical cure to being discouraged, ridiculed, dismissed and made illegal in many states?

Did you know that interstate transportation of raw milk is a criminal offense?  It's considered trafficking of a controlled or illegal substance.  Just like hard drugs.   Oh, that's only in North America, of course.  I wonder if the rest of the world thinks we've lost our minds?

Is it really a stretch of the imagination that we'll see the day when interstate transportation of raw vegetables is also considered illegal and home gardens are prohibited?

Upton Sinclair stated, "It is very difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it."  Got Raw Milk?

According to Sally Fallon of WestonPrice Foundation,  "PASTEURIZED milk has been the source of many widespread outbreaks.   A total for some of the documented outbreaks due to PASTEURIZED milk over the past few decades is 239,884 cases and 620 deaths.

The nation's largest recorded outbreak of Salmonella was due to PASTEURIZED milk contaminated with antibiotic-resistant Salmonella typhimurium.   The outbreak, which occurred between June 1984 and April 1985 sickened over 200,000 and caused 18 deaths.   Disturbingly, the CDC did not issue a specific Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report for this outbreak.

Is Raw Milk Dangerous?

No, Raw milk is legally available in 33 states.  Try it, you'll be pleasantly surprised and that is from me, a non milk lover.  I do drink, and love, raw goat milk daily, mixed with herbs and Superfood Smoothies for the incredible health benefits.

To your health!

"You shall have enough goats' milk for your food, for the food of your household, and the nourishment of your maidservants"  (Proverbs 27:27)

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