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Healthy Home

What is a healthy home?  Some of the things we think of with an earth friendly home is that it's energy efficient, perhaps uses renewable energy sources, with a low environmental impact, it offers a crisp, fresh indoor air quality, is free of clutter and kept naturally clean with earth friendly products.

Healthy home environments use toxin free materials, are built green, use natural home decor, solar lighting and natural home cleaners that offer healthy cleaning solutions.

To complete the picture of perfection, the home is filled with    USA made Earth Friendly products, and     Earth Friendly Baby  and his earth friendly family are wearing  Earth friendly clothes,  made from organic cotton, hemp and use   Eco-Chic Recycled Handbags  made from recycled newspaper, juice boxes and telephone books?   Really!   They're playing with their earth friendly dog, who is soundly sleeping with his   Organic Pet Bedding  on his   Magnetic pet bed!

Ah bliss!  OK, back to earth friendly reality on how we can create a healthy home environment, using natural home products, toxin free cleaning products and other natural remedies to help reduce our toxic burden and provide a healthier home environment, without breaking the bank.  Every small healthy choice you make will help improve your home and environment.

Then you can tackle other changes, one by one, until you're satisfied with your naturally healthy environment.

organic-vegan-biodynamic wines

There are hundreds of toxic ingredients used in household cleaners.  Just by changing to earth friendly cleaning products for Baby's Nursery, your pets and your home, you will eliminate many harmful synthetic toxins from the air that all of you are breathing.

Check  Eco Discoveries  for an incredible selection of non toxic cleaners for every part of your home or office.

There are many reasons to like  Element EcoWear's earth-friendly, fair-trade clothing.  All of their organic clothes have unique properties that are great for customers and the planet!

Or what about beautifully designed, stylish, handcrafted handbags made from   recycled tractor inner tubes?  Actually, they're stylish and very durable.  WOW, talk about style with the environment in mind!

Why not consider using  Soap Nuts  for your laundry and household cleaning?  Using soap nuts is possibly the most economical method for laundry and general cleaning, at around $6.00 a pound, these little nuts go a long, long way!  Also great when combined with just a few drops of your favorite   Essential oils

Sometimes, green companies use advertising as just so much fairy dust and there is nothing ecological or sustainable about them.  This website is dedicated to sourcing only truly earth friendly products and they offer a huge selection.  Yes It's Organic

Asthma  This site is about treatment for asthma, learning about the disease and how to prevent symptoms from occurring.  The Author is an asthmatic and offers important information.

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                         Childhood Obesity

                         Clay Baths

Organic Thin Hair Products

Don't Use

   *  Air fresheners or synthetic room sprays  Use   Essential oils or natural Aromatherapy candles made with pure essential oils.  They offer up to 50 hr. burn time and are made with 100% pure essential oils.

These aromatherapy candles are made with a blend of Candelilla, Carnauba, Bayberry and Soy waxes.  This plant-based wax combination provides a cleaner burning candle and delivers a better performance than all soy based candles.

100% Pure Essential Oils are used to provide an Aromatherapy benefit, entering your body by inhalation.

These candles are synthetic-free and contain no petrochemicals.  An environmentally safe choice.   Helps to relax humans and four legged critters too!

These delightful, all natural aromas will bring a sense of beautiful harmony and tranquility to your enviornment, without any risk from conventional petroleum based candles filling the air full of artificial fragrances & toxins.  Perfect for the office, home, bath or special friends.

Bergamot & Lime
Eucalyptus & Peppermint
Frankincense & Patchouli
Lemongrass & Orange
Tangerine & Lime
Vanilla Rose Ylang Ylang

   *  Aluminum foil or cookware  it leaches into the food and into you.

   *  Bath or Kitchen Cleaners with synthetics or bleach  here are some safer alternatives:

Seventh Generation
Mrs Meyers
Citra Solv
Sun & Earth

   *  Cell phones  keep away from your body, use for emergencies only and always use i Shield Cell Phone EMF Protection Chip

   *  Deodorant or Anti perspirant most contain aluminium, use  Essential oils such as Lavender, or blend with a little Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme or Lemongrass.

   *  Dish washer soap instead of harsh chemicals, try  Soap Nuts at about $6 a pound, they're inexpensive, sustainable, versatile & biodegradable.

   *  Fabric SoftenersWith  Soap Nuts  your clothes will be naturally soft, fresh and sweet smelling.

   *  Face make up healthy skin is radiant at any age, use all-natural skin and hair care  to nourish and feed your face.

   *  Flea collars or sprays These are highly toxic and can cause seizures & death, use Natural flea remedies or try My Flea trap

EcoPure Lavender Aromatherapy Spray

   *  Pampers your pets body, mind and spirit
   *  Relaxes the mind
   *  Strengthens the nervous system
   *  Can reduce hyperactivity
   *  Made from essential oils

   *  Furniture polish use  Healthy Oils blended with a few drops of  Essential oils  your home will smell light, fresh and clean.

   *  Hair coloring use Ayurvedic herbs  instead to create gentle highlights.

   *  Hair permanents  and their harsh artificial ingredients on your skin?  Besides they fry your hair.

   *  Laundry detergent with harsh chemicals, use  soap nuts, at about $6 a pound, these are so inexpensive, sustainable, versatile, biodegradable.

   *  Microwave ovens disruptes human cellular structure, alters and destroys food nutrition, throw it away.   Convenience isn't anything when compared to health.  Enjoy cooking real healthy food and gather  Delicious healthy recipes

   *  Oven cleaners simple baking soda or soap nuts will keep your oven clean.

   *  Pesticides use natural alternatives such as Neem oil blended with Cayenne pepper & fresh garlic.

   *  Plastic bottles for drinks or food storage  plastic leaches into your food and you.

   *  Plastic shower curtains the toxins leach into your air space, find natural materials such as cotton or hemp.

   *  Sunblock research indicates it's a contributor to cancer and your body requires Vitamind D from the sun.

   *  Tap water often contains 1000 +/- toxins, get a whole house filter for drinking/bathing or use the Katadyn Base Camp Water Filter  that will provide you with clean, pure water right from your city tap.

Third Hand Smoke is a phenomenon that occurs in households where people smoke.  The exhaled smoke and the smoke from the cigarette carries the toxins and they stick on the walls, furniture, remotes, practically everywhere in the house.  Learn more.

The Ceramic Block Magnet  is used to make revitalized, good tasting magnetic water.

   *  vaccinations  only the uneducated are willing to risk it.

   *  Wireless or Wi Fi it's like being inside of a microwave, use i Shield Cell Phone EMF Protection Chip  And consider using the  QV Pendant  for general EMF protection.

Healthy Food Links

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March 11, 2011 Fukushima changed the lives of everyone living in North America.  In spite of what the media and other talking heads are saying  low levels of radiation  over a long period of time are very harmful.

First to suffer will be the infant mortality rates and increased deaths from pneumonia.  The deaths from pneumonia near Fukushima were already 500-600% greater in early May 2011, than the previous year.

After that the other more insidious diseases will be the blood disorders, the weakened immune systems, the auto immune challenges and cancers of every type.  If you believe the media and prefer the fantasy that radioactive elements like Plutonium won't alter your health, do nothing.

Or if you prefer to do your own research and form your own conclusions and take aggressive, yet inexpensive steps to protect yourself it might be a very wise investment of your time and energy.

50 Plus Natural Remedies For Radiation Fallout Protection  clearly outlines in detail what my favorite natural solutions are and why I comsider them to be vital for my health.  This is a convenient means to carry this important report with you if you're considering doing some of the same things that I am.  Immediate downloads for:   Kindle, iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, Blackberry, and Android phones.

"No problem can be resolved from the same level
of consciousness that created it"  Albert Einstein

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