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Healthy Body?    Healthy Skin!

Healthy skin is an important part of a healthy immune system, you can't have one without the other.   Topical applications from even the most elegant skin care program, made of the finest organic skin products, natural body lotions or dry skin products will do little to improve your skin.

Shocking isn't it?

The first secret to healthy skin is understanding the holistic relationship of healthy skin to our body and environment.    If you're concerned about the health of your body, mind & spirit, then isn't it critical to know what you're putting on your body's largest organ?

More Than Skin Deep

Our adult skin has a surface of about 1.5-2.5 sq meters and is made of layers of tissue that cover and form a protective layer over our muscles, bones and internal organs.

Our skin helps insulate us and regulate our body temperature, it's full of blood vassals, nerve endings, sweat glands and is rich in natural, beneficial bacteria.    Whether anyone admits it or not, we are often judged by the way we fit into and look in our skin.

In TCM, the skin serves as a protection against external pathogens and influences which continuously affect our bodies.    These influences vary from season to season, day to day and will either have very little or a very significant impact on us, deputed entirely on how healthy we are.

And you don't have to believe in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The principles of nature work for or against us, whether we are believers or not.

External Influences

There are 6 external influences that can invade our bodies, through our skin, and cause dis-ease if our protective skin Qi doesn't guard against these external pathogens.   All of these have an influence on skin health:

   *   Wind will cause stagnation with fleeting pains in various spots of the body
   *   Heat causes perspiration and allows body fluids & Qi to escape.
   *   Fire produces dryness, swelling, sores, restlessness, disrupted sleep.
   *   Cold causes chills, fever, closes the skin's pores causing cramping and an
       aversion to cold.
   *   Dry causes dry skin or a dry cough
   *   Damp causes us to feel sluggish, retain fluids, skin eruptions and swelling

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You Can Have Healthy Skin.

With these simple changes, we have ensured that what goes on, and in, our body creates the most favorable environment for natural health.

   *   Use only all   natural skin  and    natural hair care products
   *   Eat   natural healthy living foods.
   *   Eliminate a huge source of toxins by using  natural handcrafted soap
   *   Make your home environment as natural as possible.

Read more about how      conventional shampoo   with their toxic, synthetic ingredients can affect you.

Anything applied to your skin has the potential to either benefit or harm you from just the topical application of ingredients.   Your skin does not live in isolation from the rest of your body.   If you think it does, take some freshly crushed garlic, rub it on the soles of your feet and have someone smell your breath in about 20 minutes!

Allergies and Skin Problems

Skin problems are not really skin problems, but they are a very important indication that there is something wrong with one or more of the internal organs, involving the kidneys, adrenal glands, liver, pancreas, stomach, large intestine, small intestines, gall bladder, thyroid glands, reproductive organs and the immune system.

Whether the skin problem is called acne, dermatitis, impetigo, eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea, allergic dermatitis, ectopic dermatitis or mange, the cause is toxicity of one or more of the above mentioned organs.  Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse  can help ease the toxic burden.

The chemical burden on the immune system has caused an over reaction and has now highly sensitized the body to an inflammatory reaction in the skin.  The only hope is   detoxification   to remove the toxins, and to strengthen the body's   immune system.  First detoxify and then rebuild.

If detoxification is not done early enough the body can reaches a stage of irreversible change.  Being in tune with our bodies, so we can make minor adjustments to correct imbalances, is critical.

Organic Thin Hair Products

Toxic Environment

The majority of toxins come from chemical assaults to the body.   Even when we are ultra careful, in today's polluted world, it's growing increasing difficult to minimize the chemical assault on our bodies.  These are the most common means of chemical contamination in our environment.

Pollution of food and water from:

   *   pesticides
   *   fungicides
   *   herbicides
   *   cooking in aluminum
   *   decaffinated anything
   *   diet soda or foods with artificial sweeteners
   *   High Fructose Corn Syrup in ALL American sodas and thousands of "foods"
   *   table "salt"
   *   margarine
   *   Canola oil
   *   edible synthetic   "food"  like substances
   *   prepared "food" TV dinners, frozen pizza, packaged foods
   *   Soy and Soy lecithin, fermented soy is good
   *   using non stick sprays or non stick cookware
   *   heavy metals such as mercury, iron, copper, cadmium, arsenic, lead, aluminum
   *   PCP as part of the contamination from the agri industry
   *   synthetic drugs, antibiotics in ground water

Heavy Metal Detox  Can safely remove these toxins from your body as part of your detoxificaiton plan.

Personal Care

   *   onventional shampoos
   *   conventional lotions
   *   deodorants (aluminum)
   *   fluoride in toothpaste (poison warning label on toothpaste)
   *   conventional soap
   *   bleach or hair dye
   *   sunscreen or tanning lotions
   *   nail polish
   *   bras

Houshold Items

   *   microwave ovens
   *   air fresheners
   *   fabric Softeners
   *   bleach
   *   oven cleaner
   *   drain cleaner
   *   furniture polish
   *   plastic shower curtains
   *   asbestos from car parts, building materials, potting soil
   *   synthetic carpet or flooring
   *   fiberglass insulation
   *   synthetic paints
   *   electric blanket
   *   water bed
   *   electrical appliances near bed
   *   household detergents and cleaners
   *   garden pesticides, weed killers, fertilizers

Chemicals added by the industrial food giants:

   *   preservatives
   *   PABA
   *   BHT
   *   Alum
   *   dyes
   *   synthetic/petroleum products to improve texture, moisture content

Native Remedies Detox Drops to Cleanse and Detoxify the System

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Radiation    Radiation from treated or pasteurized foods used to kill worms, insects, bacteria and viruses.  Of course, the food is rendered dead and useless and is of no nutritional value to our body.  Keep in mind that radiation is cumulative, and that pasteurization now includes chemically pasteurized.  Radiation from pasteurization is as harmful to your body's cells as radiation.

Contaminated Water   Tap water in North America can contain hundreds of toxic chemicals.  This water is then used for cooking, bathing and drinking.   Bottled water, in leaching plastic bottles, is often nothing more than tap water with a fancy name.

Did you know that most garden hoses in North America contain known carcinogens?  Does that change the innocent summer pleasure of drinking from a hose?  This isn't a secret, read the warning labels on the inside of the carboard wrap that hoses come in.

Negative Energy   Negative emotions such as stress, jealousy, hatred, fear, anger, depression and frustration represent destructive energy that is released through the liver which is linked to immune system and digestion.  Prolonged, unresolved conflict and stress of this type creates a negative emotional environment that will harm the immune system and produce allergic symptoms, tumors, disturbed dreams, sleep disruption or cancer.

Man made, and natural earth, energy fields can also be highly destructive and toxic to humans, animals and plants.   These are commonly known as Geopathic zones and are well known in Asia.   Some European cities require that energy fields have been cleared on a property before a building permit can be issued.   These negative energy fields cause disruption and harm to every organ of the body but are particularly harmful to the immune system.

Vaccinations   Vaccinations is no small topic, and very much like playing Russian Roulette.

Are you aware of vaccine ingredients or how they react within the body?   This is a partial list of the negative ingredients and consequences associated with vaccines.

You may be interested in knowing that vets, and medical doctors, obtain a fee for each vaccine and pharmaceutical that they suggest for their clients.  In other words, they have a strong financial incentive to recommend what we consider to be known toxins to their clients.  There are some very good holistic vets and medical doctors who do not put their financial interests ahead of your health.

Among the conditions associated with or that can be triggered by vaccinations are:

   *   autism
   *   skin allergies
   *   bladder infections
   *   cancer
   *   thyroid disease
   *   Addison's disease
   *   diabetes
   *   leukemia
   *   lymphoma
   *   immunological disorders
   *   sensitivity to pollen or allergens
   *   Guillain-Barre syndrome
   *   multiple sclerosis
   *   angioedema
   *   aseptic meningitis
   *   severe injection site inflammation
   *   bipolar psychiatric disorder
   *   diabetes mellitus
   *   systemic lupus erythematosus

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In alphabetical order, the following additives and/or residual ingredients from the manufacturing process can be found in licensed vaccines administered to children, animals and adults today:

   *   aluminum hydroxide
   *   aluminum phosphate
   *   aluminum potassium sulfate
   *   amino acids
   *   ammonium sulfate
   *   amphotericin B
   *   animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain
   *   beta-propiolactone
   *   benzethonium chloride
   *   brilliant green (a dye)
   *   calf serum
   *   cancer cells
   *   chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg
   *   chlortetracycline
   *   DNA
   *   dog kidney, monkey kidney
   *   EDTA
   *   egg protein
   *   fetal bovine serum
   *   fetuin (a bovine serum protein)
   *   formaldehyde
   *   formalin
   *   gelatin
   *   gentamicin
   *   glycerine
   *   glycine protein
   *   human serum albumin
   *   human diploid cells originating from human aborted fetal tissue
   *   hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid)
   *   hydrogen peroxide
   *   hydrolyzed gelatin
   *   kanamycin
   *   lactose
   *   magnesium stearate
   *   mercury thimerosol (thimerosal, Merthiolate(r)
   *   MSG
   *   mouse serum protein
   *   MRC-5 cellular protein
   *   neomycin
   *   neomycin sulfate
   *   ovalbumin
   *   phenol
   *   phenol red indicator
   *   phenoxyethanol (antifreeze)
   *   phosphate buffers
   *   polydimethylsilozone
   *   polyethylene glycol
   *   p-isooctylphenyl ether (Triton X-100)
   *   polymyxin B
   *   polyoxyethyline 9-10
   *   porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein
   *   nonylpheno
   *   octoxynol-9
   *   polymyxin B
   *   polysorbate 20
   *   polysorbate 80
   *   potassium diphosphate
   *   potassium glutamate
   *   potassium monophosphate
   *   residual MRC5 proteins
   *   silicon
   *   sodium acetate
   *   sodium bisulfate
   *   sodium borate
   *   sodium chloride
   *   sodium hydroxide
   *   sorbitol
   *   streptomycin
   *   sucrose
   *   thimerosal
   *   tri(n)butylphosphate
   *   VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells
   *   washed sheep red blood
   *   yeast protein

The key to survival is awareness: Kamana

Do you know what many of the above ingredients are?  Most importantly, do you know and understand how your body responds when pathogens cultured in decaying tissue of both animal and human origin, coupled with any combination of the above ingredients, are injected into your body?

Many doctors have attributed the current epidemic of auto-immune diseases and cancers to the experimental injection of vaccines.   An autoimmune disease is defined as any disease that is characterized by abnormal functioning of the immune system that causes your immune system to produce antibodies against your own tissues.

If the ingredients aren't scary enough there is more.

Many of the vaccines use attenuated vaccines which are a live but weakened form of a pathogenic virus, such as Swine flu, Kennel Cough, Parvo, Rabies etc.    Attenuated vaccines can be particularly deadly.

When a vaccine containing a live virus is injected into a person or animal, the viral organism moves through the body with the potential of infecting the host and then exits through the feces, mucus membranes, sweat & saliva glands of the infected person or animal, thus spreading the disease and causing the disease that the vaccine was designed to  "prevent".

This is called Virus Shedding and can last for weeks and in some cases months.  Do some research on  "attenuated vaccines"  for more information.

Who would really want to risk your health by injecting attenuated vaccines into your bloodstream in the hope it will protect you?

Harmony and Balance

Balance, we need to look at the whole animal or whole person to see the bigger picture of what is causing us to be sick.  Toxic chemicals are recklessly assaulting our environment and everything that we touch, eat or breath affects us and our skin.

   *   Use only all   natural skin  and    natural hair care products
   *   Eat   natural healthy living foods.
   *   Eliminate a huge source of toxins by using  natural handcrafted soap
   *   Make your home environment as natural as possible.

Enjoy life!

"When the Earth is sick, the animals will begin to disappear, when that happens,
The Warriors of the Rainbow will come to save them." ~ Chief Seattle

Shambhala Publications Inc.

Aubrey Organics - 100% Natural Hair, Skin and Body Care Since 1967

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