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Dirty Dozen

Recently the EWG, Environmental Worker's Group, reported on the amount of pesticides in our fruits and vegetables.  Celery  (non-organic) was found to have 67 pesticides in it even after being power washed.  EWG came up with two lists:

The Dirty Dozen
Fruits & Veggies

With 47-67 Pesticides, the list changes, so check updates.

   *  Apples
   *  Celery
   *  Strawberries
   *  Peaches
   *  Spinach
   *  Nectarines
   *  Grapes
   *  Sweet Bell Peppers
   *  Potatoes
   *  Blueberries
   *  Lettuce
   *  Kale/Collard Greens

The Dirty Dozen were power-washed before testing, although that is meaningless.  Toxic pesticides are part of the fruit, the chemicals are taken up through the leaves, the roots and nothing will remove them.

While the FDA assures us that all fruits and veggies have safe and harmless levels of pesticides.  Are you really convinced that any toxic pesticide level is  "safe."  Why not invite those that assure us that there isn't any risk, to eat as many from the dirty dozen list as possible?

The President's Cancer Panel recommends consumers eat produce without pesticides to reduce the risk of cancer and disease.

Washing is important to remove bacteria but obviously has little effect on removing pesticides.

If you are going to buy any of the fruits or veggies listed in The Dirty Dozen we highly recommend buying only organic, or consider growing some of your own.  There are many innovative ways to grow food and herbs that take very little space.

Organic Kitchen Herb Pack          Medicinal Herb Organic Seed Pack

Organic Salad Seed Pack          Organic Chili Lover Seed Pack

The Clean Fifteen This list of cleaner fruits & veggies is considered usually safe to eat, even if they are not organic.

If they are conventionally grown, you can be certain that they were grown with harmful pesticides, they just have less than the 47-67 toxic pesticides.

Some natural foods, like onions are rarely sprayed.  Don't be confident that this list won't change, stay alert, vote with your dollars and let your merchant or grower know why you are not spending your money with him.

   *  Onions
   *  Sweet Corn(90% +/- of all USA corn is  
   *  Pineapple
   *  Avocado
   *  Asparagus)
   *  Sweet Peas
   *  Mangoes some Hawaiian Mangoes are now GMO
   *  Eggplant
   *  Cantalope
   *  Kiwi
   *  Cabbage
   *  Watermelon
   *  Sweet Potatoes
   *  Grapefruit
   *  Mushrooms

To ensure that you and your family are eating safe, healthy, natural food, choose naturally grown or organic.  Including supplemental super foods gives super nutrition and convenience.  Great to add to yogurt, smoothies, salads & veggies.

Pumpkin Seed Butter, 12oz, Omega Nutritionals (raw, organic)           Free Kefir Recipe eBook from Cultures for Health            Earth Superfood Blend, 500g, HealthForce Nutritionals (raw,org)

What Is Organic, Really?

According to USDA Organic Label Certifications:

"100 percent organic,"   means that products must contain only organically produced ingredients and "approved processing aids."

"Organic,"    products must consist of at least 95 percent organically produced ingredients.  The remaining ingredients must consist of USDA approved nonagricultural  (non-organic)  substances.

"Made with organic ingredients,"  processed food products must contain at least 70 percent organic ingredients.  The remaining 30% can be just about anything!

The USDA currently allows more than 275 non organic synthetic chemicals to be used in the production, processing or packaging of  "organic"  foods.  Our respect for the USDA Organic label has vanished with each added synthetic ingredient.  There are other organic or naturally grown certifications that adhere to the letter and the spirit of pure foods.  USDA sides with corporate factory food, Monsanto et al every time.

Eating healthy natural and organic food nurtures the earth & your body!

When purchasing fresh natural fruits and vegetables, these labels will help you avoid GMO like the poison it is!  These labels are for US markets, if anyone has information for other markets, it would be helpful to other readers.

Conventional Food Labels, grown with herbicides, pesticides and harmful fertilizers, have four digits on their label and start with the digit 4.  Such as 4922.

Organic Food Labels, are five digits and start with number 9, such as 99222.  You can feel safe to grab all foods with this label, it's organic and safe to eat or serve to your family and animals.

Genetically Modified Labels, start with the digit 8, as in 89222.  This is important to know as it clearly identifies the product as GMO.  You can drop it and run!  Don't forget to tell the supermarket manager why you won't buy GMO.  Theywill not continue to stock their shelves with products that consumers reject.  If we are to reclaim our health, we must aggressively reject GMO.

50 Harmful Effects Of Gmo

You can also get a free  NO GMO Shopping Guide to print and distribute to family and friends.  This guide will help show the hidden forms of GMO in conventional packaged foods.  GMO ingredients are in thousands of everyday foods.  Here are some  Dangers of GMO

It's no longer enough to eat organic food since March 11, 2011.  Fukushima radiation    has changed the lives of everyone living in the Northern Henisphere whether they know it or not and whether they believe it or not.

We have been detoxing ourselves, our soils, our animals and taking other protective measures since March 14, 2011.  We will continue for the rest of our lives, as the harmful health effects will continue for many generations.  You can follow our   Natural Health Blog  for updates on Radiation and many other hot topics that mainstream media ignores.

Most Toxic Household Chemicals

Healthy natural living is a circle, like the circle of life, everything is related.  Selecting natural healthy food is part of the circle.  Avoiding common household toxins is another equally important part of healthy living.

The 5 most toxic household chemicals, according to EWG (Environmental Working Group), are in almost every room in your home:

   *  dust
   *  carpet
   *  appliances
   *  storage containers
   *  aluminum cans
   *  aluminum or Toxic Teflon cookware
   *  food wrap
   *  household cleaners
   *  plastic wrap
   *  plastic shower curtains
   *  any product with "fragrance" ie perfume, cosmetics, detergent, soap, air fresheners
   *  clothes
   *  personal care products
   *  furniture
   *  foam products such as pillows, furniture, car seats
   *  televisions
   *  garden products
   *  electronics
   *  bedding
   *  mattresses

The first solution to a healthy clean home is to keep your shoes outside, dust, vacuum and mop frequently.  This is inexpensive and requires only a little extra energy.

Use healthy natural products for you and your home to elminate dangerous chemicals:

   *  Organic Bedding
   *  Bath Therapy
   *  Stainless steel food & drink containers
   *  Beautiful Bamboo Furniture
   *  Household Cleaning Products
   *  Eco-Lighting
   *  Natural Body Butters & Lotions
   *  Natural Deodorants
   *  Natural Toothpaste without Fluoride
   *  Natural Skin and Hair
   *   Organic Makeup
   *  Pangea Organics
   *  Water Ozonator
   *  EMF Protection for Cell & Home

The Ceramic Block Magnet is used to make revitalized, good tasting magnetic water.  Once you have healthy water you need something other than plastic to carry it in.  Consider U-Turn 2 Tap:  providing consumers with safe & stylish alternatives  to plastic products.

Healthy Food Links

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Free Kefir Recipe eBook from Cultures for Health

Healthy Food And Recipes

If you enjoy cooking and would love to share your healthy, delicious recipes with the world, this is your chance to have a webpage for each recipe you contribute!  Hard to believe but some people need a little boost to get their creative side thinking in the kitchen.  If your family and friends rave about some of your culinary creations this is your chance to share them with the world!

Here's how it works.  Just complete the recipe submission form below, all you have to do is type it in, submit at least a couple of paragraphs and share why this is a great recipe.

Is it the rave reviews you get, or the memories of your childhood kitchen?  Maybe it's just the dynamic combination of herbs and seasonings, or the delightful aroma or delicious taste left lingering in your mouth.  Maybe it's because you can get your kids to eat healthy or you created something super for your dog!   Be descriptive and share with others, then check back to see your own webpage that's been created just for your recipe!

Recipe Submission:

Have A Great Recipe?

Do you have a great healthy, delicious recipe that you would like to share with the world? This is your chance!

Still not feeling creative?   The Hungry Wife  will give you some mouth watering ideas and delicious recipes to try out.  Using simple, wholesome ingredients, it's easy to make delicious healthy food.  We hope to hear back from you with results that will inspire all of us to return to slow cooking!

Hippocrates ~ "Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue.
They are developed from small daily sins against Nature.
When enough sins have accumulated, illnesses will suddenly appear."

Organic Hair Products

What are the Benefits of Edible Earth?

   *  Soothes and Purifies the Digestive Tract
   *  Remineralizes Cells and Tissues
   *  Promotes Bacterial Balance in the Colon
   *  Assists in Heavy Metal and Chemical Detoxification
   *  Augments Digestive Efficiency
   *  Supports Nutrient Assimilation in the Gut
   *  Alkalizes the Body
   *  Edible Earth

Nascent Iodine

Radiation Clays

Clay Detoxification Bath

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