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Healthy Food And Eating Right

Natural food, live or raw food doesn't require an identification label, you can easily recognize it as living food.

Healthy food is not delivered through your cars' window, it doesn't come with plastic toys, it isn't frozen in boxes and it doesn't sit in boxes for months in shelves, like the supermarket photo in Portland, Oregon.  It can be convenient in a raw diet or juicing and it can be either very fast or slow.

Healthy food is either pure, unprocessed, healthy, natural food, without additives, extenders, fillers, coloring, chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, steroids, antibiotics, cloning, pasteurization,    irradiation  or it's a "food-like-substance" and not adequate for natural health, eating healthy nor for other living creatures.   Is there really anything in between?

Why are record numbers of Americans so obese, sick, lacking energy, depressed and suffering from diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease, cancer & auto immune disorders?

Eating healthy isn't just a choice between natural food or industrial food like substances.  It's also a choice between eating chemically burdened formerly-fresh-food and naturally grown or organic.

Most fresh, natural looking food in the supermarket has also been sprayed to prevent natural decomposition, irradiated to destroy bacteria and nutrition too.  If you live in North America when was the last time you ever really tasted a delicious, ripe, juicy, brilliant red tomato that BURSTS with flavor?  Fresh garden tomatoes excepted, of course.  My home grown tomatoes weigh in at about 1.5 lbs each with some over 2 lbs, and the juice running down your face is exquisite!


What's Wrong With Our Health?

Despite media reports, the health importance of  saturated fats   and the disorders that can be caused when we eat fat free or don't include saturated fats in our healthy eating plans are considerable.

Our first important choice to consider is whether we select real live food or dead food like substances.  The supermarket apple or tomato may look lovely, but if it's not organic or naturally grown you must choose if you want to risk eating the dozens of highly toxic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers that are on it.  Or worrying whether it's genetically modified or not.

You can tell from the label SKU if it's  GMO.

What do those fruit and veggie labels Mean?   You know the small ones stuck on your tomato, apple or banana?   Next time you go shopping, remember these critical numbers and how to avoid purchasing inorganic and  GMO fruits or veggies.  If avoiding pesticides is important to you, then know the   "Dirty Dozen,"  which are the most pesticide contaminated fresh fruits and veggies, those with 47 - 67 pesticides in them.

We truly are as healthy as what we choose to eat, drink, wear or apply to our body.  Nobody makes those daily choices for us, although they do persuade us with $50 billion dollars worth of advertising, yearly, to influence our decisions.

Green Smoothies                      Energy Medicine

March 11, 2011 Fukushima changed the lives of everyone living in North America.  In spite of what the media and other talking heads are saying  low levels of radiation  over a long period of time are very harmful.

First to suffer will be the infant mortality rates and increased deaths from pneumonia.  The deaths from pneumonia near Fukushima were already 500-600% greater in early May 2011, than the previous year.

After that the other more insidious diseases will be the blood disorders, the weakened immune systems, the auto immune challenges and cancers of every type.  If you believe the media and prefer the fantasy that radioactive elements like Plutonium won't alter your health, do nothing.

Or if you prefer to do your own research and form your own conclusions and take aggressive, yet inexpensive steps to protect yourself it might be a very wise investment of your time and energy.

50 Plus Natural Remedies For Radiation Fallout Protection  clearly outlines in detail what my favorite natural solutions are and why I comsider them to be vital for my health.  This is a convenient means to carry this important report with you if you're considering doing some of the same things that I am.  Immediate downloads for:   Kindle, iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, Blackberry, and Android phones.

                         Chakra Balance

                         1st Chinese Herbs

                         Love And Romance

What Was Different 100 years Ago?

Three major changes come immediately to mind.  In the mid 1900's intensive plowing techniques caused our soils to be incapable of providing minimal nutritional levels required to support body and brain functions.  Now our soils are worse and our brains and body are running on empty!

This is also when we started to move away from natural foods and natural farming, with the encouragement and blessing of huge corporations and their artificial chemicals, which further leached nutrition from the soils and left toxins behind.

Foods have become refined, pasteurized (dead)  over processed, devitalized, irradiated and nutritionally worthless.  Fresh foods are harvested too early, trucked or flown around the world.  We are eating foods that are not at their peak of flavor and that are out of season for our environment.

Now with genetically modified Soy, Frankenbeef, Frankenfish,   irradiation,  pasteurization, synthetic foods, sewer sludge on crops and cloned meat and fish, our  "food"   barely resembles the fresh healthy, living foods that our ancestors enjoyed.

My personal experience shows, over and over again, that eating healthy, pure, unadulterated natural foods, natural herbs and healthy oils frequently work quicker to provide the conditions most conducive for your body to stay healthy or heal itself, even from major disorders.

Whole Food Multis With 77 Herbal Ingredients

Extreme Regime

Top Reasons To Choose Organic

   *   Protects farm workers
   *   Helps small and local farmers
   *   Preserves air & water quality
   *   Rejects GMO & Petrochemicals
   *   Saves fuel, farming energy and transportation costs
   *   Promotes nutrient rich soil
   *   Keeps money in the community
   *   Promotes natural robust plant bio diversity
   *   Restores balanced ecosystem
   *   Protects future generations

Eating healthy natural and organic food nurtures the earth & your body!

What Is Organic, Really?

According to USDA Organic Label Certifications:

 "100 percent organic,"  means that products must contain only organically produced ingredients and "approved processing aids."

 "Organic," products must consist of at least 95 percent organically produced ingredients.   The remaining ingredients must consist of USDA approved nonagricultural (non-organic) substances.

 "Made with organic ingredients," processed food products must contain at least 70 percent organic ingredients.

The perception that there is nothing better than USDA Organic Certification is just a perception, the reality is that in the growing and processing of USDA Organic foods, about 275 "approved non agricultural (synthetic chemicals) are allowed.  That also includes anything for which there isn't an organic equivalent.

So, stretching the imagination, horse manure or Mercury could be included in food and the food could still be certified as Organic, since there isn't commercially available organic horse manure or mercury.  That is how Soy lecithin slithered it's way into so many organic foods, a substance considered to be a dangerous industrial toxin.

There are many different organic certifications and if eating pure wholesome, natural, unadulterated foods is important to you, it will take buying from farmers & manufacturers that you know and trust or a learning curve to wade your way through the various certifications to see what's allowed that you might not want to eat.

Sadly, not all manufacturers stay pure, we've discovered that they change ingredients from time and that's when you vote with your dollars and let the manufacturer know of your decision.

Healthy Food Links

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Dirty Dozen      GMO      ORAC Chart      Soy
Food Wars      Goat Milk      Raw Food World      Super Foods

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Healthy Food And Recipes

If you enjoy cooking and would love to share your healthy, delicious recipes with the world, this is your chance to have a webpage for each recipe you contribute!  Hard to believe but some people need a little boost to get their creative side thinking in the kitchen.  If your family and friends rave about some of your culinary creations this is your chance to share them with the world!

Here's how it works.  Just complete the recipe submission form below, all you have to do is type it in, submit at least a couple of paragraphs and share why this is a great recipe.

Is it the rave reviews you get, or the memories of your childhood kitchen?  Maybe it's just the dynamic combination of herbs and seasonings, or the delightful aroma or delicious taste left lingering in your mouth.  Maybe it's because you can get your kids to eat healthy or you created something super for your dog!   Be descriptive and share with others, then check back to see your own webpage that's been created just for your recipe!

Recipe Submission:

Have A Great Recipe?

Do you have a great healthy, delicious recipe that you would like to share with the world? This is your chance!

Still not feeling creative?   The Hungry Wife  will give you some mouth watering ideas and delicious recipes to try out.  Using simple, wholesome ingredients, it's easy to make delicious healthy food.  We hope to hear back from you with results that will inspire all of us to return to slow cooking!

My Greek Recipes - healthy and delicious Greek and Mediterranean recipes.

Healthy eating  sometimes seems hard when you don't how to go about it.  Here are basic healthy eating tips to get you started.

Bill Clinton, Raw?

Bill Clinton was recently interviewd on CNN and gave details regarding his phenomenal health transformation.  Apparently his heart surgery stint was becoming clogged again and he did not want to repeat the surgery.  It was sheer joy to hear him speak of his conversion to natural foods.  Clinton attributes his loss of weight and restoration of health to a natural plant based diet.  If you haven't already seen this interview, it's worth it.

A green smoothie looks so gorgeous!  It's green and fresh, you just know it's good for you.
The sweetness of fruit completely masks the natural bitterness of leafy greens in a green smoothie.
The more you add leafy greens to your diet with a green smoothie, the more you'll crave them.
Vitamix processing is the only way to get a consistently smooth, creamy and delicious green smoothie.
Enjoy making your own green smoothies with easy "how-to" green smoothie recipes.


Not All Bodies Are The Same

What eating health means for me may be different for you.  By learning to listen to your body and how you look and fell, you'll recognize when an adjustment is needed.

If after eating you feel good with plenty of energy and don't experience:

   *   indigestion
   *   belching
   *   flatulence
   *   bloating
   *   sleepiness or brain fog
   *   lack of energy or fatigue
   *   diarrhea, constipation or loose stools
   *   food cravings
   *   low blood sugar
   *   high blood pressure

Then chances are you've already discovered a reasonably healthy diet balance for yourself.  Great Job!

Some people will still choose the lazy immediacy of junk food over eating right, believing that the principles of healthy nutrition don't apply to them.  That too is their choice, it's just sad to see so many needlessly unhealthy people and so much obesity and diabetes in young children.

If I reverse the 2010 USDA Food Pyramid and throw in some particular extra supplementation, it gives my body everything it needs.

All bodies need a healthy eating balance of protein, carbohydrates, oils, fruits,nuts and seeds in order to meet our nutritional needs and support our immune system.

Each of us has a different metabolism and lifestyle but we thrive better when eating either a Protein, Carb or Mixed type of diet.

I eat about 50% raw, natural or organic veggies and much smaller amounts of organic fruits and free range or grass fed beef, chicken, bison or venison, which I buy locally from the rancher.  I have a problem with grains and   fructose   so eat Almost NO GRAINS, very little fruit (fructose) and NO added sugars.  If you're unable to lose weight and believe that you're eating a healthy diet, then it may be important for you to check the   glycemic loads   associated with your foods.

North Americans now eat close to 150 lbs, per person, of added sugar yearly!  Is it any wonder we have horrible health and look the way we do?

If my skin isn't exposed at least a half hour of full sun, without sun block, then I take 5,000 mg of Vitamin D daily.  Sun is healthy.

I recently was refused a renewal on my passport by a minor official because she didn't believe my age.  I had to return and speak with the senior official who also didn't believe my age and pointed out that I was older than he was but looked years younger.  He didn't mention this once to be polite, but so many times that it was embarrasing.  He was very curious about my health secrets.

I also include probiotics, enzymes, several minerals & vitamins daily and only take other supplementation for specific short term needs.

I've never had influenza and have only had 1 cold in my life.  I have had more than my share of exotic disorders due to world travels and am now working on a Big Girl Imbalance, which I'll share my progress on another page.

While I grew up eating healthy, natural foods, juicing with raw veggies, including herbal teas & many herbs and not eating junk food.

Like everyone else I got busy and lazy.  Recently, for about 2 years, I included all organic breakfast cereals, potatoes, rice and pasta in my diet, plus plenty of sugary sweets such as cheesecake or muffins!

That excessive amount of carbohydrates and sugars, for that short period of time, almost totally destroyed a lifetime of exceptionally great health.

Now, I'm on the rebound to restore my health and have eliminated all of those things, and am deadly serious about staying on track forever.

Here is my typical breakfast:

1 c raw goat milk
1 cup natural, raw veggies, maybe some berries
2 cloves raw garlic
1/2 tsp 14 Organic Greens
1 tsp Organic Maca
1 tsp Organic Hemp Seed
1 tsp organic Organic Cacao
2 tbsp Organic Coconut oil
Ayurvedic and  Chinese herbs specific to my needs
1 tbsp 1-3 times daily  Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
Probiotics  to replenish natural flora
Several ice cubes to thin and chill mixture

Let me clarify what I mean by breakfast.  It is the first of my two daily meals.  Research has proven that we need a minimum of 8 hours between meals in order to not over tax and burden our body.  It's actually better to have 12 or more hours between meals.  This will cause you to lose weight if you need to.  I only eat my meals between noon and 8pm.  No other morsel of food touches my mouth, no snacks, nothing.  Try it for a month of so and be amazed at the results.

Granted not everyone will be thrilled about eating raw veggies for breakfast, but you'll be shocked how quickly your health can change and how great you'll feel.  For serious juicing, nothing can beat a VitaMix! with their 7 year guarantee! It's a life changing machine designed to last, for people serious about their health.

With a VitaMix it's ridiculously easy to eat raw veggies.  So while most people don't eat raw veggies for breakfast, you might be surprised how snappy & refreshing they can taste, and how quickly great tasting smoothies can be made.

I try to make my smoothies a particular color.  Mostly green veggies, or mostly orange, with fruits I will tend to do the same thing.

At night, no matter what else, I'll have fresh, lightly steamed natural veggies with a fresh sauce blended fresh in the VitaMix, it takes about 30 seconds and is smooth and luscious:

   *   Organic Coconut oil
   *   Organic Hemp seed oil
   *   Extra Virgin Olive oil
   *   Fresh lemon or lime juice
   *   Fresh raw garlic, at least 4 cloves

It's very easy to include some particular ethnic herbs at the same time, the most flavorful foods can be created in seconds!  These are some of my favorites!

Healthy, natural food does not need to be boring, here are   dozens of delicious recipes   using   natural herbs   & flavorful, healthy oils.

Jamaican Jerk

This sauce is shared with our 7 indoor Rottweilers over the same veggies, and you should see their coats shine!  They aren't vegetarians, but they do love veggies as treats or with the sauce.

The other food that I consider essential to mental, physical & spiritual well being is about 1.5 oz of dark chocolate 2-3 times weekly.  Many of you will be delirious learning the good news that eating healthy dark chocolate helps support any eating healthy lifestyle.

These simple natural foods and natural herbs cost less and are more effective in helping to re balance your body.


If you must shop in US style supermarkets

   *   Shop only the outside aisles or organic sections
   *   Avoid inside aisles full of packaged, synthetic food like substances
   *   Eat small quantities more often and you'll gain weight.  Eat only between 11 am -7pm or noon to 8pm, 2 or 3 meals with nothing else at any other time
   *   Aim for 75% raw food
   *   Consider reading   12 Steps to Raw Foods
   *   Keep everything close to nature ie Butter, not margarine etc
   *   Use only grass fed or free range meat
   *   Remember about 90% of Soy & Corn in the US is GMO
   *   Use herbs  for taste and beneficial properties
   *   Avoid fat free  "food" (carbs, sugar, synthetics)  we need  good fats!
   *   Avoid non organic dairy products
   *   Avoid pasteurized or irradiated everything, it's dead
   *   ALL soda made in the US contains High Fructose Corn Syrup, why risk it?
   *   Jarritos (made in Mexico) Soda contains sugar, still bad, but not like HFCS

Buy Herbal Vaporizers Online!

Monsanto And Blackwater?

These Industry Giants wouldn't appear to have much in common on the surface.  Companies such as Disney, Chevron and Monsanto Contracted with Blackwater for Intelligence, Training and Security Services.  Maybe Monsanto is getting nervous that people are "confused" about eating food sprayed with their chemicals?

In a perfect world, it's always better to eat fresh food right from your garden, which is why the US Government is spending $30,000,000 tax payer dollars to persuade us to eat as much seafood from the Gulf as possible.  Americans just aren't buying it on the promise that it's safe.  Our president Obama is encouraging everyone to dig in and eat, eat, eat!  I feel comforted knowing that it must be the main item on his dinner table.

Navy Secretary Mabus reaffirmed his commitment to using the tools at his disposal to help the Gulf Seafood Industry  recover from the damage the BP oil spill has done in reality and perception.  The board is gearing up for a large-scale national marketing campaign, with $30 million in BP money and millions more in federal dollars, to reassure restaurants and markets across the country that Gulf seafood is safe.

Food Disparagement Laws

Just kidding, right?  Oh no, amazing but true, that in the  "land of the free"  there are currently   13 states,    with what are called veggie libel laws, that make it illegal for us to speak badly of food products.  Easier to understand the Monsanto and Blackwater relationship now, isn't it?

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates

Aubrey Organics - 100% Natural Hair, Skin and Body Care

Join The Growing Mentally Ill Club

According to    The UK Guardian   Newspaper, if you focus on eating healthy foods, you're "mentally diseased"  and probably need some sort of chemical treatment involving powerful psychotropic drugs.  Yet another health crisis and medical disorder created to bestow further financial opportunities for pharmaceuticals!

The Guardian newspaper reports,  "Fixation with healthy eating can be a sign of serious psychological disorder" and goes on to claim this  "disease"  is called orthorexia nervosa.  Latin for  "nervous about correct eating."

"Any foods containing pesticides, herbicides or artificial additives, such as MSG, are often ditched, although regimens can vary wildly from person to person, with many orthorexics being, for instance, raw foodists, vegans, fruitarians."   Must we all bear the burden of labels or slurs?

Coping-With-Binge-Eating.Com; - Discover how to stop binge eating and claim your life back, with no-nonsense information you need to help set yourself free from eating disorders.

"When the Earth is sick, the animals will begin to disappear, when that happens,
The Warriors of the Rainbow will come to save them." ~ Chief Seattle

Organic Thin Hair Products

Healthy Food Links

     Glycemic load      Little Changes      Recipes
Dirty Dozen      GMO      ORAC Chart      Soy
Food Wars      Goat Milk      Raw Food World      Super Foods

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