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Healthy Animals

As a responsible dog owner, or responsible pet owner how much time and effort do you spend thinking about the health of the animals around you?  Are you crazy about dogs, or crazy about cats or  horses?

Do you consider yourself a real animal lover?  Would your animal agree with you?

What about their diet?  Do your animals enjoy  healthy natural pet food  and delicious  natural pet treats  or do you grab the cheapest highly processed, unhealthy dog food bag on your way out the supermarket door?

Does the thought of vaccine dangers cross your mind?  What about vaccination side effects?  Do you unquestionably give any pharmaceutical your vet suggests? Did you know he gets a kick back on each pharmaceutical that he prescribes?

What does the  Humane Society of America   have to say about those nasty flea collar dangers?  Do the  GMO  ingredients in their dog or cat food concern you?  Do you know what the top 10 ingredients are in your dog food?

What about their  coat, skin  and  dental health?  Do you use  herbs for pets?  Aromatherapy  for dogs,   Homeopathy   or other natural remedies for dogs?

Pet Care Industry

Americans spend about $16 billion dollars yearly on their animal companions, while Europeans spend about $18 billion dollars yearly for their domestic pets, about 80% of those purchases are pet food related.

Those figures suggest that we animal lovers are willing to support the multi billion dollar pet care industry.  But are we helping our animals by buying them a better quality of life or are we loving them to death?

Are we able to trust the Pet Care Industry Giants any more than we are able to trust the False Food & Pharmaceutical Giants who spend $50 billions dollars yearly trying to convince us that highly processed,  GMO,  foods filled with addditives, extenders, fillers, coloring, chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, steroids, antibiotics are good for us?

Would you believe that many of the same Industrial Food Giants also own pet food companies?

Human health is declinging and so is pet health.  The truth is that you are the only person who can make lifestyle decisions that contribute to your pet's health and well being.

Would you feed your pet diseased or rotting meat?

Would you give your pet a food that contained chemicals linked to cancer?

Would you give your pet a food that contained ingredients from China?

You might be right now and not even know it.

Don't take chances with your beloved companion, know what you're feeding him, the labels and wording are designed to trick you. Petsumer Report  reveals all of the pet food industry's dirty tricks, it's priceless!

Naturopathic Animal Care

As a Naturopath I don't think the 91 year old US Army Veterinary Corps will mind if I borrow, and slightly modify, their term of  "One Medicine, One Health."  "The US Army Veterinary Corps was formed in 1916 at a time when our country was just beginning to comprehend the relationship between animal and human health.  We now know that those ties are tremendous."

"With extraordinary versatility and vigilance, our relatively small veterinary team of 3500 total personnel has continued its quest of the Army version of  'One Medicine, One Health.'  ....closely together in a resurgence of what we call One Medicine or One Health, that is, the recognition and appreciation for the linkage between human and animal health."   Excerpted from "Healthy Animals, Healthy People: Inextricably Linked." ~ by Brig. Gen. Michael B. Cates (2007)

How about  "One Natural Medicine, One Natural Health"  has a certain ring to it, doesn't it?  I like it.


Natural Pet Care

Allopaths follow the Western standard of  conventional medicine   using synthetic pharmaceuticals to suppress symptoms.  They never look for the cause of the disease and couldn't care less.  How can anything be cured without knowing the cause?

Naturopaths identify the underlying cause of a disorder and help provide the most favorable environment for the body to heal itself.  Naturopaths believe that symptoms are important signals and should never be surpressed, sort of like removing that  "out of gas"   warning light, isn't it?

Reclaiming optimal health for your animal requires stopping the harmful things that go into or on their body that contributed or caused their disorder to develop.

Most people want what's best for their animals and make the mistake of believing the pet food advertising assaults.  The truth is that feeding pets natural homemade food and treats provides superior nutritional and health benefits.

How would you like to eat the same bagged food every day of your life?  Well your dog and cat doesn't like it either, but they depend on you to recognize and anticipate their individual needs.  By making your own pet food you are able to meet their taste preferences or special needs.

Why not consider nurturing your four legged animals as you would any other member of your family?  After all, who is more loyal, loving, kind and forging of your faults?  Who is always happy to see you?  This great book gets you started on the right path  50 Home Cooked Recipes For Canines

If your dog is up to date  (UTD)  on his vaccinations, stick around, we call it UTD or Under The Delusion that vaccinations create health.  These folks are loving their animals to an early death.

Discover some of the  Foods Pets Die For.
Homemade Goodies For Mans Best Friend
Real Food For Real Dogs
Complete Guide To Natural Health For Dogs & Cats

"Before World War II, most North Americans fed their pets raw bones and table scraps.  Today, everyone uses convenience foods, and pet food companies are industry giants.  Diet isn't the only thing that has changed.  So has life expectancy, with the life span of many breeds now less than half what it was two or three decades ago.  Skin and coat problems  are so common that we accept them as unavoidable, and today's vets routinely treat conditions that used to be unusual or even rare."  ~ William Pollak D.V.M.

Your animals may need an organ cleanse to completely rid their body of all  toxins.  Then when their body is supplied with the needed nutrients to repair and rebuild itself, their immune system ignites their internal healing force and stimulates the body's natural abilities to heal itself.  Just as nature intended.

Healing is a process and there aren't any instant pills or magic herbs to cure chronic problems.

Happy Tails Book Store          Happy Tails Dog Store           Going Raw Dog Food

Heart To Heart Healing  Offers Energy Healing for people, animals and environments; private sessions and classes.  Pranic Healing is a no-touch modality that can address physical issues  (both chronic and acute),  as well as mental/emotional issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, addictions and phobias.  Pranic Healing works local and long-distance.

50 Plus Natural Remedies For Radiation Fallout Protection  clearly outlines in detail what my favorite natural solutions are and why I comsider them to be vital for my health.

March 11, 2011 Fukushima not only changed the lives of everyone living in the Northern hemisphere, it also changed the lives of all living creatures too.   YES, we are also detoxing all of our animals and giving them thyroid protection.  Just a little  Apple Pectin  Edible Earth   Bentonite or  Zeolite   can make a huge difference.  Now only these gentle natural remedies detox parasites, they will bind and safely remove radioactive isotopes, plus give them 60 + minerals that they may be missing in their food!

This is a convenient means to carry this important report with you if you're considering doing some of the same things that I am.  Immediate downloads for:   Kindle, iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, Blackberry, and Android phones.

Is Natural Health For Animals Important?

Did you know that Zoonotic disease pathogens are those that can be spread between humans and animals?

Over 60% of disease pathogens and 75% of human pathogens are considerd to be zoonotic.  These diseases can be  bacterial,  viral,   fungal or  parasitic  infections.

They can also be transferred by a vector such as an insect or any living carrier capable of transmitting an infectious agent.

You and your dog, or cat, or horse can share  fleas and ticks,   worms, parasites, fungal infections such as ringworm, influenza and many other diseases.

How you care for your animals can help them avoid many of the same disorders that humans get, such as  blood sugar disorders,  cardiovascular disease,  kidney problems  and  cancer.

Zoonotic diseases can spread from all species, such as rats, mice, bats, sheep, frogs and every other living cretaure, although not all diseases are zoonotic.  You and your animals may share similar   allergies  or  digestive complaints  simply from eating some of the same false foods.

If your health is less than optimal, there's a good chance your animal friend is also suffering.

If your dogs aren't living well into their teens, then you can add many years to their lives.  We currently have a 14 and 15 year old Rottweiler and several others who are over 11 years old.  These dogs didn't come to us as pups either.

If you eat false foods,  soy,   or other  GMO  contaminated food like substances, what do your animals eat?

Are you overweight?  Is your dog overweight?  Is your cat overweight?  Chances are your animal needs  real food,   not industrial junk dog or cat food.

Companion Animals

Some animals spend their days alone waiting for their human to return from 10-12 hours of working & commuting, then they're hurriedly given a pat on the head, told to get out of the kitchen and made to stay off the couch the rest of the evening.  If they're lucky enough to come into the home at all!

Day after day and maybe if they're owners feel like it, they get to take a walk on hot or cold, hard concrete in the evening.  Maybe.

Intelligent dogs get bored and can take it out by chewing, digging and barking.  They are starved for mental and physical stimulation.

Some dogs are extremely stressed when their humans leave them, this is called Separation Anxiety.  It can be reversed, but does take some time and effort on your part.  The results will be a well adjusted, confident dog, that no longer suffers when you leave him alone for reasonable lengths of time.

Another easy helpful remedy is an  Herbal Tincture  that we use for ourselves and our animals is called  R Calm

It's an excellent nervine tonic that helps relax excitability, tension, restlessness, stress of the nervous system and helps induce a more relaxed sleep, without dream distractions.  R Calm also offers anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties for the nerves.

This is one of our favorite herbal tinctures, we use it all the time ourselves and for our animals.  I find it helpful for particularly stressful nights when the brain and body and just wound up and won't sleep.  This can help.   It does not force us to sleep as would a synthetic drug, but just takes the edge off enabling you to relax.  It can also applied topically to help sore muscles, stiff backs.

Many dogs will take it right from the dropper and seem to know that it helps them.  Great when transporting nervous animals.  Contains natural alcohol extracted herbs of Skullcap, Valerian, Ginkgo Biloba, Chamomile, Lavender, Passion Flower & Hibiscus flower.

These dogs eat the cheapest dog food in the supermarket and are starved for nutrition as well as companionship.  Their owners see them as convenient  "pets"  and would be better owning stuffed animals.

Other dogs go to work with their humans or are made to feel like beloved family members when their humans come home, they're in the kitchen checking out the happenings and included in family activities, and allowed in the couch or on the bed.

These are happy dogs and their personalities shine, they have humans who are more concerned about their health & nutritional needs and buy excellent dog food, feed them raw food or cook human grade organic ingredients for them.

We won't discuss the millions of companion domestic animals that are slaughtered by shelters yearly, but you can  read about what a huge, profitable business that is.  Nor will we talk about the cruel, deviant humans that tie their dogs up all day, ignoring them, forgetting to feed or water them and often kicking or beating them.


Holistic Pet Care

My Bio  it will shed some light on my mission.  As Co Founder of  Happy Tails Rescue Association  this website is a charitable work of devotion.  It's said that we're the largest Rottweiler Rescue and only true Sanctuary in the west.  It sure feels like it when someone needs Rottweiler help.  We've had as many as 63 Rottweilers in our care along with other farm animals, and these 100 lb + pooches love their groceries!

The stories I can tell!  I hope you'll share your stories as well!

Do You Have A Great Natural Health Story About Your Animals?

Has the life of your dog, cat, horse, bird or other animal been saved or improved by changing the diet or giving him natural remedies? Others would love to hear about your experiences.

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Hi! I'm Elizabeth, a two legged and here to tell you a little about some of my four legged friends. Winnie is one of them and I would like to start with …

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If natural animal health is important to you and your familiar with, or curious about, all natural animal health products, you'll appreciate this growing section devoted to all natural animal health care.

We're geared toward naturally healthy dogs, but don't ignore any of our other animal friends.  We've handled and have shared our lives with hundreds and hundreds of dogs, cats, horses, goats, llamas, chickens & more.

Yes, our dogs really do eat various  Natural Dog Treats  they also enjoy the same  Organic Coconut Oil  that we do, the same  Hemp products  that we like.  For any type of inflammation, we all take the same  miracle enzymes.   And you should see their coats shine!  And their energy level?

That is another story!  Our holistic,  herb muching,  Coconut oil eating,  unvaccinated dogs  live years beyond dogs who are loved to death with toxins in commercial dog foods & pharmaceuticals.

Our animals are all given the best natural health care possible, including  natural herbs,  homeopathics,  and  biomagnetics and  raw food.  If you're even half as interested in exploring holistic dog care as I am passionate about sharing it with you, we'll have a great journey!

You might enjoy  Happy Tails Rescue Newsletter  It's free and we cover a diversity of topics Hot To The Touch!

"Anyone who has accustomed himself to regard the life of any living creature as worthless is in danger of arriving also at the idea of worthless human lives." -  Albert Schweitzer, MD, PhD (1875-1965, Philosopher, musician, theologian, Nobel laureate)

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Report An Adverse Drug Experience With The FDA  We encourage you to report all adverse drug experience, it may help save another animal's life.  Adverse effects may show up weeks or months after the drug or vaccination.

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