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Healthy Body?   Healthy Hair!

If you're concerned about dry hair or other challenge, your hair is just a reflection of the total natural health of your body, mind and spirit.    Doesn't it make sense to be ensured that what you're putting on your body's largest organ  ( the skin)  contains only the highest quality ingredients possible?

It's no secret that more and more people are concerned about more than just eating right or avoiding the obvious synthetic chemicals in common household products.

People are educating themselves and are making informed decisions about choosing healthy foods, natural shampoo, natural hair care and natural hair conditioners.

If you're like me, I prefer researching for my own information and then deciding for myself, rather than have someone tell me what they think is best.

And, I particularly tune out when that someone telling me happens to be a major Corporation with a huge advertising budget.

Three Easy Natural Health Changes:

*     eating healthy living foods
*     use all natural hair care products or organic hair products
*     making the change to all natural skin care

With those 3 simple changes, we have ensured that what goes on, and in, our body creates the most favorable environment for natural health.

It's easy to know which type of foods to avoid and why.  It's a little harder to know which type of personal care products to avoid and why.   If you think about it, showering and washing your hair tends to be a daily habit and therefore what you use adds up to either doing a lot of good, or harm, over the days, weeks, months, years and decades of something so simple as showering and washing your hair.

Anything applied to any part of your skin has the potential to either benefit or harm you from just the topical application of the combined ingredients.   Even though our head is covered with hair, there is still skin underneath.

Everytime we wash our hair, we are massaging all of those ingredients into our scalp where they are absorbed into the rest of our body.

Your skin does not live in isolation from the rest of your body.    If you think that it does, take some freshly crushed garlic, rub it on the soles of your feet and have someone smell your breath in about 20 minutes!

Personally, I adore garlic and would be thrilled, but the point is that your skin absorbs everything that you put on it, good or bad.

Considering how often we wash our hair, and in the questionable quality of our tap water do we really want to bombard ourselves with more synthetic chemical detergents when we shampoo?

What detergents you say?

Your daily shampoo might be better used washing your car than absorbing them into your skin!

First a brief explanation about the commercialism surrounding the amazing array of products that we have to choose from.   Your only power is to vote with your dollars and persuade corporations to produce what you want to buy.   Isn't that better than them persuading you to buy what they produce?

Isn't being informed better than being tricked into buying something that you wouldn't normally dream of touching if you knew more about it?

                         Bust Fuel

                         Aloha Medicinals

                         Beauty Store Depot

There Are 5 Major Categories of Natural Hair Products

Organic hair products, organic foods and natural skin care also tend to fall into these 5 main classifications

*   Commercial products with no pretense of herbal or botanicals ~ just about everything in them is artificial or synthetic, read the label, or try to.

*   Commercial products with natural sounding names or photos ~ check the ingredients, they may not even contain that beautiful botanical mentioned in it's name or shown in the photo.

*   Products with some natural ingredients ~ but contaminated with a slew of artificial, synthetic ingredients that make mass production and long shelf life possible.    These products are also more expensive because of the “natural” pretext, but why waste combining natural ingredients with synthetic?

*   Natural products with all natural ingredients ~ but their primary ingredient is WATER, these products are inexpensive to manufacture but command a higher price because of the all natural ingredients.   And really, what kind of "water"  do they mean?

*   100% natural products, without any artificial ingredients ~ and that group is .... in a class apart from the rest!   These products are the best and will cost more.

Natural Skin Polishes

So What Is Natural Shampoo?

More importantly is the all natural shampoo or even the organic shampoo you've been buying really shampoo or is something else?

Like everything else synthetic, people are discovering the truth about commercial shampoo.   People are are also learning that the shampoos that fill the shelves are really synthetic detergents.

My oh My!

Detergents are different from natural shampoos and are made from synthetic chemicals.

Detergents were invented in 1916 in Germany.    They are made from harsh synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, fillers, binders, builders, colorings, dyes, preservatives, stabilizers, additives and a host of other substances that enable them to sit on shelves for years, and years.

Most of the billions of advertising dollars are spent on making these harsh chemical detergents and petroleum products sound more attractive to the consumer.    If we were told what they were and what harm they could do to us, who would buy them?

This is big business, very big business.   Your deception is important to their bottom line.

And advertising agencies are really great at deception!   That's what they are paid for.

Their client's products are often given attractive sounding names with great colors and over powering synthetic smells.....please take a look at those labels...and see if you really want to apply those potentially toxic chemicals to your head, or body, day after day and year after year.

There isn't a Corporation out there that could survive a serious boycott of their products.   Maybe a few weeks wouldn't hurt their bottom line, but you would have their full attention before too long.

An ethical, concerned Corporation would want to provide what consumers want and they would adjust their formulas and prices to meet our demands.

Corporations that are indifferent to consumers and more concerned about their bottom lines will not so readily bend, but at some point when their market share is diminishing to the extent that their livlihoods are threatened, you can be sure you will have their full attention.

At that point they have only 2 realistic choices.   To increase their advertising and use deception to try and trick the consumer into buying what they are already making.   The second possibility is that they will discover why consumers have stopped buying their products and modify their formulas in order to save their business.

Vote With Your Dollars

The choice of what you use really is yours.   Vote with your dollars.

Sadly, I've noticed that manufacturers will change their ingredients for better or worse.   Just because something has always been excellent does not mean that those labels don't have to be read.

When basically good companies start slipping in synthetic ingredients mixed along with some organic, I write them a short note explaining why their product will no longer receive my support.

Do you have any idea how easy it is to influence people's buying decisions? When Kellogg started using only Genetically modified sugar in all of their products, they moved higher on my list of companies that received my attention.

Your attention could extend to telling family, friends, associates, talking to other folks while shopping, talking to store managers, writing in Blogs, Emails, Newsletters, local newspapers etc to share our discovery with other people that may not have as much experience at researching details regarding product formula changes.

One person can make a difference, in fact, you can make a tremendous difference in the availability of natural hair care, organic goods and services. Support what you like and endorse and reject the rest and let everyone else know your reasons behind the rejection.

There are a couple of things that are different about all natural hair care products. They won't lather like the detergents that you use on your car, clothes or in commercial shampoos, but they will also not strip your hair of natural oils, instead they will leave your hair feeling wonderful.

You may have to shake the bottle a little harder to blend the ingredients since there aren't synthetic stabilizers.    Or you could try a terrific shampoo bar and not have to worry about paying for and throwing away a plastic bottle.    These handy bars are full body bars too, and also good for the pooch!


Your Skin Is Safe With Natural Hair Products.

*   No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
*   No Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate
*   No Formaldehyde
*   No Petroleum products
*   No Animal products
*   No Animal By Products
*   No Artificial Colors
*   No Artificial fragrances
*   No Solvents
*   No Mineral Oil
*   No Canola Oil
*   No Alcohol
*   No Hydrogenated oils
*   No Genetically modified ingredients
*   No Artificial preservatives
*   No Stabilizers
*   No Lanolin
*   No Parabens
*   No Fillers
*   No Butyl paraben carboxylate
*   No cocamide
*   No Lindade
*   No cocamidopropyl betaine
*   No coco betaine
*   No decyl glucoside
*   No decyl polyglucose
*   No dimethicone
*   No isobutyl paraben
*   No isopropyl paraben
*   No liquid protein from dead animals
*   No methyl propyl paraben
*   No olefin sulfonate
*   No oleth-5
*   No phenoxyethanol
*   No phenoxytol
*   No PABA

Quite a long list isn't it?   All natural hair care products do not have to be boring, in fact, they are made from healthy natural foods, wonderful essential oils.    They make you feel so good that you look forward to washing your hair.


There is nothing like all natural shampoo and natural hair conditioners to leave wonderful shine and delightful aroma swirling around your head all day.    If you take advantage of the wide range of essential oils and herbal blends when you wash your hair, they can almost magically lift your spirits and be the start of a great day.

Here are some of our   favorite natural shampoos   that use amazing blends of Lemongrass, Ginger, Tea, Clove, Sage and other delicious herbs and spices to give you healthy hair.   We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Organic Fraud

We repeat this important information throughout our site.  Currently the USDA allows 273 +/-  synthetic chemicals in the production, manufacturing, processing or end  "organic"  product.

Not exactly natural is it?

And no labeling requirement showing those chemicals, so there's no way of knowing which cheimcals you're buying!

And the USDA is even considering allowing GMO vaccines in organic livestock production!

And they are supportive of GMO alfalfa that feeds all of the food production livestock in most of the world.

Do you trust that they have your best interests in mind?

The Organic Consumers Association  (OCA)  held a protest, March 2010, outside of the largest annual gathering of the natural and organic products industry, Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim California.

Great location too.   Right next to Disneyland!

Members were picketing the entrance and distributing flyers to educate the public about the organic fraud and lack of ethical regulation in the organic personal care marketplace.

A favorite trick is to label natural food and natural products with  "made with organic ingredients" ...there might be one or 2 organic ingredients and the rest is junk.

Might it indicate that their priorities, directions and understanding of what consumers want are unrealistic and geared more towards special corporate interests?

I consider their Organic Certification to be worse than meaningless, since it's deliberately deceptive.

There are other ethical organic or natural certifications that don't allow the same synthetics that the USDA does.  So now, it's even important to know who the organic certifier is!

What Is Hair Oiling?

If you're interested in enjoying the most more luxurious, healthy looking hair possible, you may be interested in the ancient Ayurvedic remedy called Hair Oiling.   Today it's quickly becoming one of the most popular of all natural hair care home remedies for hair.

Hair Oiling is not only an excellent treatment for dry hair, it's believed to promote natural hair growth, relieve itchy scalp, stop hair loss, help hair retain natural moisture, add shine, luster and protection from harmful elements.

Ayurvedic head massage and hair oiling is practiced by both men and women who focus on the holistic health aspects of massage and beneficial properties of the oils and herbs used.   The Ayurvedic system believes the head to be the center point of our central nervous system and will often include massaging the head, forehead, temples and eyebrows with oils.

I particularly appreciate the pampered sensuous feeling of the head massage, which can be mutually shared with a friend or partner, and find that the experience is enhanced when you have the time to relax and throughly enjoy the Hair Oiling and Massage.

Hair Oiling can easily be included in your daily routine, however your hair will still benefit even if your schedule only has time for applications just once or twice weekly.   Hair Oiling is particularly effective for long hair, damaged or dry hair.

Isn't discovering what works best for you, on a regular basis, more important than obsessing about racing home to oil your hair every day?

The ancient Ayurvedic system is similar to all of the traditional healing systems.    Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic, Native American and many other old tried and true forms are very similar in their principals.    They believe, as do I, that nothing exists in isolation, all things are connected.

The herbs they use vary depending on what's available locally.

These   Ayurvedic Reference Books offer fascinating, in depth, learning opportunities.   Some of the commercially available Natural Ayurvedic Hair Care  products can show a difference system of herbal blends.    It's nice to sample some that sound appealing, then the tough decision is which natural hair care blends would be fun to make on your own.

One of the first all natural hair care products to make or try is very simple, but the results are incredible. Bhringaraj Oil   is traditionally used to encourage healthy hair growth and better sleep.   It isn't just about improving your hair in isolation, it's about improving other aspects of your life.   All things are connected.

Bhringaraj oil is an excellent choice for massaging the scalp and feet.    Again, that connection.   It also cools the head and calms the mind.   For premature greying and hair loss.

Any ideas about why rubbing oil on the feet would be good?    Ancient holistic healing systems believe that the body's meridian points circle from the head down to the bottom of the feet and back to the head.    Thus whatever you put on the soles of your feet will quickly circulate through your entire body.

Some Natural Hair Care Benefits With Hair Oiling and Massage:

*   increased oxygen supply to head and nerves
*   great as a natural hair conditioner
*   replaces regular conditioner
*   oils and herbs absorbed into roots
*   promotes sound sleep
*   helps calm the mind
*   relieves itchy scalp
*   helps restore shine and luster
*   softens hair
*   makes hair more manageable
*   believed to be a hair loss remedy
*   establishes bonding with partner
*   creates sense of tranquility when part of regular routine

Use Your Imagination

Your creativity is limited only by your imagination when blending various herbs and essential oils for hair oiling, natural conditioners or other all natural hair care.   While it's very easy to blend your own unique favorites, sometimes busy schedules make it easier to buy something wonderful.

Fortunately we're not talking about the price of a new home or a car.   A little natural hair care can make you feel ultra pampered every day, and isn't that priceless?

Everyone has their own particular favorite blends that please them the most and those often change with the seasons.   Using citrus based natural shampoo in the summer can make us feel refreshed, while using blends with warm tones in the winter can help us feel warmer.

The fun is in the experimenting!

Rituals Amalaki Gift Set   offers a unique blend of Amalaki fruit blended with Lemongrass essential oil that is believed to purify the skin.    Ginger which offers warming properties and Peppermint Oil that can be either cooling or warming to the skin.    A nice first choice to try something different, although there are many other interesting possibilities.

Hair Oiling The Night Before Washing

This routine may work for some people and not for others, I guess it depends what else is on your agenda.    Isn't experimentation part of the journey that makes life more exciting?

Using your fingertips massage the oils gently into the scalp, roots and the entire length of your hair before going to bed.

There are times that my long hair is so wind blown from working outside that it is matted like a sheep and I wouldn't be able to comb it without damaging it.  So I'll just rub the oil on it without combing and then slowing begin to work my fingers through it.  The tangles eventually work themselves out.

Or I'll put my hair in a pony tail, oil it, then braid the pony tail and pin it to the top of my head, some people will cover their head with a towel or plastic bag.   No covering is required, just individual choice.

The oil is left on overnight and washed and rinsed well in the morning.   The color and texture of your hair will determine which oils and herbs work best for you.

OK, sometimes you may not want to go to bed with an oily head, not a problem.   This same method can be done without leaving the oil on overnight.    If you have a free hour or more, that is sufficient time to notice the results.

Hair Oiling After Washing

If your schedule doesn't permit an hour or more for deeper penetration of the oils you can apply a very small amount, not more than a couple of drops for starters, of oil or hair butter to your hair after washing.   You'll find it much easier to work the oil in if your hair is still wet.

Using this technique you want to avoid the roots or you may end up with a very greasy look.  I rub my palms together and just lightly fluff them through my hair distributing the oil to the entire length, paying attention to the ends.

This technique should be tried before going to an important event.   Practice makes perfect!

Things to Consider Before Hair Oiling

*    thick or coarse hair should use heavier oils
*    thin or fine hair works best with lighter oils
*    too much oil will produce a greasy look
*    adjust the amount or type of oil to suit your hair
*    cost of oils or herbs will fluctuate with availability and currencies
*    choose organic and unrefined oils to avoid petroleum and chemical processing
*    consider beneficial properties on hands and face
*    experimentation is required

If you're interested in getting the sensation of trying all natural earth ingredients for your natural hair care without having to make them yourself, there are some excellent quality all natural shampoos and natural conditioners available.    It depends on my mood and time availability.   Sometimes I buy the same quality products noted in this site and other times I will make my own blends, I enjoy doing both.

This volumizing natural shampoo made with   Amlaki fruit, Clay and Holy Basil   is really incredible.   Another nice thing about creating your own personal favorites is that you can use a natural shampoo or natural conditioner and then add some other essential oils or herbs for a truly one of a kind creation.

Isn't life fun living without limitations?   I don't know about you, but using these all natural hair care products with the exciting aromas is almost as good as eating these sensual Aphrodite Truffles! I'm personally thankful that there are some excellent, ethical manufacturers that are also creative, they know that life does not have to be boring!   This is also one of the most unique blends, I've tried, it's fantastic.    When you bask in this refreshing   Red Flower Italian Blood Orange Cleansing Hair Wash   it's like taking a trip to Italy while showering!    Priceless!

Of course there is  Red Flower Italian Blood Orange Softening Hair Conditioner   to complete the invigorating Italian experience!

We're the first to admit that it can take a bit of practice to really appreciate the fine art of Hair Oiling, if you have a favorite blend or would like to share your experience, please complete the form below.  We all learn from each other's experiences and it's fund to share!  Write your own review.

Also Keep in Mind ~~ Color By The Numbers

According to the American Academy of Dermatology

*   Natural blondes have the most hair on average: 140,000 hairs per head
*   Brunettes come in second with 105,000 hairs on average
*   followed by Redheads at 90,000 hairs.
*   However, redheads have hair that is twice as thick as blonde hair.

Will Ayurvedic Herbs Ddarken or Color my Hair?

That is a good question.   While some people might be looking for an alternative to harsh, synthetic dyes and their harmful effects, other folks may not be interested in having any highlight or color changes to their hair.

Generally, most people do not accidentally experience hair darkening when using Ayurvedic or other herbs.   That is not saying that herbs won't highlight or color hair, they will....but herbs that haven't been heated or boiled generally won't deeply color your hair.

Some of the factors that increase the probability of darkening your hair with herbs are how long you leave the herbs on your hair and if the herbs are boiled or steeped for a long time before application.

People with light colored hair are more likely to notice highlights or a color change, so strand testing for everyone is strongly suggested.    You might discover that Herbal Hair Oiling makes your hair darker, or redder and can increase drying time.

If you're ready to experiment and prefer blending your own Ayurvedic Hair Care   this is one merchant that offers excellent quality organic Ayurvedic Herbs   for your consideration, and at reasonable prices!

Ready To Oil? -- Which Oils or Herbs Should You Use?

My personal philosophy regarding oils, is to buy the best unrefined, organic or virgin oils and use them for everything in, out and around the house and use the same oils in food and body care products for humans and animals.

No, I'm not kidding

By buying the best possible organic oils we're ensured that they do not contain any GMO ingredients or pesticides and that they offer full health benefits... What could be better than that?

All the oils we use get a real work out and we consider them to be multi purpose.   The same Organic Linseed oil  (from the Flax plant)  that we use to penetrate, enhance and provide weather protection for our deck is the same oil that we'll use to cure an earthen floor, or stain an indoor wooden floor...and that same oil is poured onto our dog's food and is the same oil we enjoy in smoothies and on veggies.

It's also the same oil that I'll use in natural hair care blends.

You never have to worry about disposing of hazardous materials.    You won't have to worry if some is accidentally spilled and your children or animals try to lick it up.   This method has actually proven to be less expensive, provide us with superior quality food oils, we work safer and happier with non toxic construction materials.    What more could anyone ask for?

An important note, is that you need to be completely certain of what type of oil you're buying or you could unknowingly be swallowing hazardous solvents, check out our  Healthy Oils   page for more important specifics.

An even greater and unanticipated bonus is that by buying the organic oils, which are intended to eat, it s actually much less expensive than buying the synthetic or adulterated industrial solvent grade oils intended for home projects, such as preserving wood and decks.

If you compare the price of Linseed oil at the Big Box Stores, you'll find that it costs a fortune compared to the organic flax seed oil that you would eat. The only difference is the perception that we have to use industrial grade oils with a range of toxic chemicals or dryers for home projects....when nothing could be further from the truth.

There are very important differences in oils when you consider the processing, so please before you experiment with ingesting the wrong oil, read about Healthy Oils. I hope you thoroughly enjoy pampering yourself!

"Your garden will reveal yourself." -    Henry Mitchell

Healthy Hair Links

Amalaki Flax Seed Olive
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Bhringaraj Jojoba Shea
Castor Macadamia Shikakai

Have A Great Story About This Topic?

Do you have a great Hair Raising story? A good or bad adventure with hair oiling or other natural hair therapies? Share your experience with others around the world.

Here's what others had to say about their hair oiling adventures!

On Sat May 29 16:25:21 2010,   I'm 65+ and I had thinning hair without body.   I started using Rosemary & goat milk soap shampoo bars and about 6 months later I now have more hair with lots of body.  The other day someone couldn't believe my age, they thought I was 49!
First Name: Dwight
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State/Prov: WA
Country: United States

"Site Build It!   changed my life. I know this sounds like a "cliche", even corny to some, but it is perfectly true. I now devote all my time at being happy and productive, with my wife, close by my side, making her own dreams come true. As we sail in the sunset ... it keeps receding, while remaining just as breathtaking.   I am 61 years young, and having the time of my life!"
~Claude Jollet

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