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Hemp Superfood

Hemp  ~(Cannabis sativa)   has flourished for thousands of years and enjoys a rich history as a traditional herbal medicine.   First domesticated by the Chinese around 2800 BC.

Hemp was so useful and important as a medicinal plant, and with numerous industrial uses, that the early American Colonists enacted a Virgina law in 1619 which required hemp production for all farmers.    George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were hemp farmers.

How we've slipped from those earlier enlightened times when Hemp was the world's leading crop, to the dismal state of falsehoods spread about this herbal plant today is a twisted, winding true tale of intrigue, lies and special interests which include William Randolph Hearst, Dupont Chemicals, Timber and petroleum interests.

Politics And Corruption As Usual

The House Ways and Means Committee secretly slipped the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act Bill into effect.    Believe it or not, the American Medical Association was so outraged that they aggressively fought this legislation for two years before realizing the special interests, who gained from this tax, were too strong for them.

At that time Hemp was considered one of the most important medicinal plants with amazing healing properties.   It still is today.

The long history and battles over Hemp offers many threads of intrigue and suspense for another time and place.

Hemp products such as hemp textiles, fabrics, hemp protein, hemp shakes, hemp oil and hulled hemp seeds are legal to purchase and use in the United States, but current federal laws prohibit growing it because of protected special interests.

While our economy collapes, or is that taken down, some states are passing laws to grow and sell all forms of Cannabis sativa within their state in order to boost their sagging economies.

We can anticipate a stormy battle over this medicinal plant for some time to come.    But nothing to stop us from enjoying it's superfood benefits now.

Unrefined, organic or virgin Hemp is the only type of oil to consider.    Hemp seed oils offers a delicious, slightly tangy, nutty flavor when used over salads, veggies, rice, in dips, salsa, smoothies, or on bread.    The rich green color of Hemp seed oil is due to the high level of chlorophyll.

This super food truly deserves it's renowned reputation, it is protein rich, contains all 20 known amino acids, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D, and E, and is possibly the richest source of polyunsaturated fats.    Hemp contains all of the essential fatty acids, which must be ingested as our body can't manufacture them.

Hemp Seed And Essential Fatty Acids

The typical American diet is too heavy in Omega 6 fatty acids which are found mostly in vegetable oils such as Soy, Corn or Canola.   Remember that up to 95% of those vegetable oils are now genetically modified!

Even worse is that up to 98% of those oils use hexane, a toxic petroleum industrial solvent in their processing methods.

These vegetable oils are not healthy cooking oils, nor do we use them on or in anything.    They are cheap and found in junk foods and other products such as salad dressings, Mayonnaise, margarine or other artificial spreads and all soy products.

Read your labels and if you'd like to improve your health, throw these things out of your house and don't buy them again.    It's not always easy to find all natural foods, but it's worth the extra effort.

For the best natural health we should be eating about 4 times the amount of Omega 3 compared to Omega 6. Instead we typically eat about 15 to one.   Not good.    Eating too much Omega 6 versus Omega 3 contributes to many disorders including hormone imbalances, overweight, heart disease and skin problems.

Superfood Nutrition In Hemp

*    rich in Omega fatty acids
*    correct ratio of Omega 3's to Omega 6's
*    high antioxidants, 3 times greater than flax seed oil
*    contains GLA (gamma linoleic acid)anti-inflammatory
*    nutrient dense satisfying food
*    high protein, Omega fats and essential minerals
*    easily digested
*    hypoallergenic
*    no chemical processing, we buy  Hemp Products only from     select ethical companies
*    tastes great

It is said that you would not suffer any nutritional deficiencies if you ate nothing but hemp products... and that is quite a statement!

Other Traditional Uses For Hemp Seed Oil

*     wounds
*     dry skin
*     pain relief
*     skin lesions
*     cholesterol
*     enhances energy and stamina
*     burns
*     digestion problems
*     eczema
*     psoriasis
*     Multiple Sclerosis
*     supports kidney function
*     relieve painful conditions
*     circulatory imbalances
*     softer skin and nails
*     damaged or dry hair
*     anti inflammatory
*     anti aging properties
*     low energy levels
*     slow metabolism
*     acne
*     supports immune system
*     vitamin deficiencies
*     cancer management
*     PMS
*     menopause
*     osteoporosis
*     arthritis
*     tuberculosis
*     irregular hormone levels
*     cardiovascular disorders
*     relieve menopausal symptoms
*     promotes softer skin
*     high blood pressure
*     cholesterol imbalances
*     body lotions and body butters
*     hair Oiling

Nothing Is Perfect

About the only thing Hemp seed oil isn't suitable for is cooking due to the low heat threshold that will cause it to smoke.    It also requires a little extra care storing in cool, dark, oxygen free conditions, such as in a cupboard or drawer.

Unrefined Hemp seed oil is a delicious edible oil.    Enjoy Hemp seed oil for Hair oiling, on the salad and some on you!

Talk about pricelss versatility!

Eating Healthy

Eating right can be so simple.   One favorite pleasure from Hemp seed oil I use and share with my dogs is:

*    3   Tbsp  Organic Coconut Oil
*    2   Tbsp Unrefined Hemp seed oil
*    2   Tbsp Hemp seed oil
*    Juice of 1 lemon

   I use this as a drizzle over any vegetable, salad and over dog food.    You should see them lick their lips, they know what's good!

Heavy American breakfasts aren't my favorite foods.    But it's easy to go nuts over a HempShake!   You can easily add your favorite fruit, veggies or herbs.

HempShake Smoothie Breakfast:

*     3 Tbsp Amazon Acai  HempShakes
*    2   Tbsp raw Hemp seeds
*    1   Tbsp Hemp oil
*    2   Tbsp Coconut oil (don't skip this, it's delicious)
*    1   cup raw goat milk (and I'm not a milk lover, but raw goat milk has 50+ vitamins and minerals)
*    add banana or other fruit or veggie

Blend until creamy and enjoy!

"Love many, trust few and always paddle your own canoe" ~ Canadian Mohawk Chief, Billy Two Rivers

Hemp Butter

Mango Butter

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