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What's Wrong With Our Health?

One hundred years ago in the US cancer rates were about 1 in 100,000 and heart disease was virtually unknown.  Today cancer rates are 1 in 2 or 1 in 3, depending on which statistics you read.

Johns Hopkins University published an Obesity Report in July 2008 projecting that by 2030, 86% of Americans will be overweight or obese.  Youfa Wang, MD, PhD, projects that 24% of US children and 75% of adults will be overweight or obese by 2015.  That's less than 5 years from now and we're still stuffing ourselves to death!

Today obesity affects 30-40% of all adult Americans.   Obesity promotes more sedentary lifestyles and makes you miserable before it kills you.

Obesity contributes to heart disease, gallbladder disorders, adrenal failure, diabetes, liver disorders, cancer and forces you to buy two airline seats!

Two thirds of Americans will also develop heart disease.  Doesn't it seem like something is horribly wrong with our health and that it's getting worse?

In spite of eating right and eating healthy foods, we're getting fatter and fatter and sicker and sicker.  What Has Changed in the last 100 years to make things so detrimental to our health?

100 Years Ago

Three major changes come immediately to mind.  Our soils were already nutritionally depleted in the early 1900's from invasive plowing techniques.   This is when we started to move away from natural foods and natural farming, with the encouragement and blessing of huge corporations and their artificial chemicals, that further leached nutrition from the soils and left toxins behind.

The second major change is really two fold, our foods have been grown in depleted soils and chemically sprayed.

Soils in the mid 1900's were already incapable of providing minimal nutritional levels required to support body and brain functions, now our brains are running on empty!

Foods have become refined, pasteurized  (dead)   over processed, devitalized, irradiated and nutritionally worthless.

Foods are harvested too early, trucked or flown around the world.  We are eating foods that are out of season for our environment.

Now with genetically modified Frankenfoods, irradiation, pasteurization, synthetic foods and cloned meat on the horizon, our  "food"   barely resembles the fresh healthy foods that our ancestors enjoyed.

My personal experience shows over and over again that pure, unadulterated healthy foods, natural herbs and healthy oils frequently work quicker to provide the conditions most conducive for your body to stay healthy and heal itself.

These simple natural foods cost less and are more effective in helping to rebalance your body.

Natural plants and natural foods can't receive patents so they lack profit potential and must compete with cheap processed junk factory foods.

Not that long ago, in gentler times, in less bottom line oriented times, the kitchen cupboard contained most of what was needed to keep a family healthy year round.    The cupboards were always well stocked with timeless healthy cooking oils, herbal tinctures, natural salves  and herbal teas  which are still used in most of the world today.

With mass consumerism, advertising billions and corporations protecting the bottom line of their stock holders, the well stocked kitchen cupboard, once widely used in North America, is almost ancient history.

Our third move away from natural remedies and  herbal remedies  was toward synthetic pharmaceuticals, which only suppress symptoms.

Combine that with the forced chemicalization in water, vaccination indoctrination, which my research shows that they contribute to or cause numerous disorders, it's not hard to see that we're in trouble.

We've been taught to relinquish important decisions regarding our health to others.

Now we're paying the price.

How much smarter would it be to include  Live Superfoods in our daily meals?  The upfront cost of a $1.00 hamburger sounds good, but what will the end result be of eating something that won't ever decompose?

Watch  The Bionic Burger  and you'll never feel safe about eating false foods again.  Instead invest in some delicious Artisana Raw Organic Nut Butters for lunches or snacks.  These are nutrient dense foods that don't damage our health, taste great and leave us feeling full and satisfied.

Sunfood Nutrition

Portrait of Average American Family

*    eats mostly  "food like"  substances
*    buys everything at the supermarket
*    doesn't include fresh, Live Superfoods  in diet
*    eats foods that are nutritionally empty
*    eats meat that are injected with chemicals
*    eats meats that have vaccinations, steroids, hormones, antibiotics
*    drinks fluoridated, chemicalized water
*    baths in chemicalized, fluoridated water
*    eats and drinks artificial sweeteners
*    eats a low fat diet
*    rejects raw foods
*    believes pasteurized means good health
*    drinks expensive water from plastic
*    over consumes sugars, sodas, fried food
*    does little physical work
*    never walks or exercies
*    believes sunlight to be dangerous
*    works inside at a desk
*    spends 5 hours daily watching TV
*    uses artificial household chemicals
*    spends weekends spray toxic chemicals on the lawn
*    accepts vaccinations as healthy
*    uses antibiotics for everything
*    may take a dozen pharmaceuticals

Couldn't this list easisly be tripled with the differences between a person today and a person living 100 years ago?

So What Does $50,000,000,000 Buy?

That is not a misprint, that really is 50 billion dollars spent yearly by the food and drug companies, on advertising in the US.

Isn't it worth remembering that it's spent to influence our purchasing decisions and steer us toward their Corporate Junk Foods, and as far away as possible from anything natural.

OK, with that little secret out in the open we can better discuss the various healthy cooking oils, their processing methods, and general beneficial health properties both internally and externally.

Hard evidence has shown that eating the wrong fats can cause or contribute to dry lifeless hair, obesity, osteoporosis, learning disabilities, heart disease, galbladder problems, auto immune disorders, adrenal fatigue, multiple scleroris, cancer, immune system damage, sterility and many other problems.

Where we part company with the accepted  (purchased)  view is which fats are good and which are bad.  I'm convinced that once you start to dig a little deeper and discover the truth for yourself, that your conclusions will never again be so easily influenced.

There are really two basic philosophies regarding natural health.   People that like, pure unadulterated natural food, healthy cooking oils, raw milk, juicing, raw diets, clean water without fluoride, natural health care, toxin free homes, natural hair care products and natural body care products, with no artificial ingredients of any kind.

The other folks watch TV and follow what the Corporations tell them to buy.

They may be convinced that there is truth in advertising or that all of those artificial chemicals might actually be healthier for them, or maybe they don't care or have the time to find out the truth.

The truth exists whether we are aware of it or not.

Each good or bad decision we make directly effects our ultimate health.  How well Corporations succeed depends on you and your ability to vote with your dollars.

The Corporate Junk Food Agenda Says

*   margarine is healthier than butter
*   margarine is food
*   not to eat eggs
*   not to eat red meat
*   saturated fats are bad for you
*   hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated oils are healthy
*   coconut oil is bad for your heart
*   coconut oil is saturated fat and unhealthy
*   coconut oil will make you fat
*   high fructose corn syrup is a healthy, natural choice
*   eating fat free is healthy and will keep you thin
*   eating saturated fats will make you fat
*    processed vegetable oils are good for you and made from:
*   canola
*   soy
*   corn
*   cottonseed
*   safflower

We'll reveal the inconvenient truths about all of these claims and more throughout the website.

If you've never seen a McDonalds' Cheesburger that was old enough to vote, this is your chance, and it's deadly serious.  Watch   The Bionic Burger  and hopefully you'll never feel the same about fast food again.

Commercial hamburgers do not decompose, rot or mold because they are not food, and this fellow has a Burger Museum to prove it!

If you do nothing else, your first and most significant and important move toward natural healthy living, will be to give up junk food like substances and fast food, including sodas.  Read more McNews on our  Healthy Living  page.

What exactly is Margarine?

Without exploring whether margarine really is a molecule or two away from being plastic, we can say that it can't be considered a food, instead it's a  "food like"  substance.

Meaning it does not occur in Nature.   Natural food is natural, it grows wild or domesticated.  Created factory   "foods"  are something else.  They do not occur naturally.

Since 1911 partially or hydrogenated fats are claimed to be polyunsturated and are marketed as healthy.  Margarine is normally made from poor quality, genetically modified oils such as canola, soy, corn or cottonseed, up to 95% of those oils are genetically modified, meaning that they require more pesticides in their production.

In the process of producing these vegetable oils, toxic chemicals and high temperatures are used to extract the oil from the seed or bean.   During this process virtually all of the nutritional value has been destroyed, not to mention the fact that high temperatures turn the oil rancid before you even bring it home, making it unfit and dangerous to eat.

These oils are saturated with hydrogen, diacetyl, isopropyl and stearyl citrates, sodium bensoate, benzoic or citric acid, diglycerides and monoglycerides.   Do any of these chemicals sound appealing or natural?

The hydrogenating process creates many other fatty chemicals, with a residue of toxic metals such as aluminum and nickel.  After adding synthetic flavors and artificial colors the end result is Margarine.

Trans Fats are created during the chemical hydrogenation process.

Trans fats are hard to digest, disrupt cellular function and are believed to be the cause of heart disease, obesity, sterility, diabetes and cancer.

Partial or Hydrogenated fats do not circulate in the blood or move through our tissues as natural oils would.

Is this healthy or natural?

Hey, maybe the foods that are making us fatter and fatter and sicker and sicker aren't so "healthy" in spite of what the TV tells us.

These new artificial fats are not found in nature, so our bodies aren't engineered, and have no history or ability, to assimilate these artificial fats.

Research indicates we lack the capacity to ever process these artificial, man made fats.

Trans fats cause allergic reactions, elevated blood pressure, blood clotting, elevated cholesterol levels, imbalanced hormone activity, immune system disorders and inflammation.

Our bodies react to them and treat them as the poisons that they are.    The metals accumulate in our cells and nervous system where they disrupt cellular function, further endangering our health.

Detoxification    is required to remove these heavy metals from our bodies. If they are not removed our health will never be as good as it can be.

Only humans are gullible enough to eat Margarine.

The one good thing that can be said about margarine is that it can save you lots of money!   You won't have to worry about proper storage or refrigeration.  In fact, you can leave it outside, uncovered and watch it be ignored.

Not a single fly, roach, ant or other creature will eat it.....ever.

You can come back years later, dust it off and serve it again.  It will be unchanged, and still nothing will eat it.   Natural food decomposes, synthetics do not.

What do you suppose something like that does sitting inside of your body?   Is there anything about the ingredients, the processing or the end result that would make you believe that Margarine is healthy?

Most vegetable oils found in processed foods have also been hydrogenated, so it isn't just Margarine that is to be avoided, it's the entire hydrogenation process.

Hydrogenated fats, NOT found in nature, cause essential fatty acids  (EFA)  deficiency.   Our bodies can't manufacture essential fatty acids, so we must get them from foods.  Real foods, healthy foods, natural foods, foods that occur in nature.

An essential fatty acid deficiency causes neurological, galbladder, adrenal organ, heart, degenerative conditions, arthritis, cancer, arteriosclerosis and skin disorders.   Some countries in Europe allow less than 0.1 % trans fat acid in foods.

The American Corporate Junk Food Industry allows and supports 30% to 50% trans fatty content in our food-like-substances!

So why do we keep on swallowing what they tell us?
Could that $50 Billion have anything to do with it?

The Butter Information Council States:

*   Butter is a natural product
*   All butter is made with cream.
*   Butter is a healthful food.
*   Butter has been in the diet for thousands of years so you can have confidence in it.
*   Butter is no more fattening than margarine.
*   Fats are important in a well-balanced diet
*   Contains trace minerals magnesium, zinc, chromium, selenium and iodine.

The truth is that Margarine eaters have twice the rate of heart disease as butter eaters (Nutrition Week 3/22/91 21:12).

For thousands of years healthy, natural foods such as meat, eggs, Coconut oil, cheese, butter, cream, yogurt and kefir were considered a vital part of any healthy diet.  I'm sure you've seen or met very healthy old farmers alive today that won't touch anything artificial.

By the way, when you think of someone with radiant health do you think of a farmer eating raw food, raw milk and other natural healthy foods or do you think of a city person eating processed junk foods?

Coconut oil has been used by many cultures for thousands of years and was the main cooking oil used in America.  It had always been used in cooking, baking, skin care and was the only oil that could withstand high cooking temperatures without being damaged.  During World War II, the Coconut oil supply to America was cut off.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

*   withstands high cooking temperatures
*   does not require refrigeration
*   will not go rancid
*   supports balanced healthy cholesterol levels
*   supports heart health
*   good for teeth, hair & skin
*   said to be one of the best cancer fighting foods
*   increases the metabolism to support weight loss

After the war was over the Corporate Junk Food Giants had already bought the American consumers opinion convincing them that the new processed, polyunsaturated fats were good health choices and that the old saturated fats were bad.

Guess it wasn't the first and won't be the last case of Corporations ignoring science and health in the name of a healthy bottom line!

Since Coconuts came from poorer nations that couldn't begin to compete against the corporate giants those myths continue today.

Nutiva's cold pressed, organic extra-virgin coconut oil

What About Other Saturated Fats?

*   saturated fats support our bodies at a cellular level
*   saturated fats are required for our nervous system
*   saturated fats support brain function
*   our brain is 65% fat and needs fats
*   saturated fats have vitamins A D & K
*   saturated fats do not clog arteries
*   synthetic globs of undigestible food like substances do clog
*   saturated fats support our immune system
*   shown to prevent cancer
*   stabilizes blood sugar
*   supports healthy hair & skin
*   supports healthy heart function
*   supports kidney function
*   supports hormone production
*   believed to protect against diabetes
*   supports healthy lung function

We humans have eaten saturated fats since ancient times, before grains were grown and harvested we ate little but saturated fats.

Now we eat hydrogenated fats and suffer from degenerative diseases.  Draw your own conclusions

Problems With Low Fat Diets

*   fatigue
*   constant hunger
*   insulin resistance
*   obesity
*   mood swings
*   acid reflux
*   bowel disorders
*   gas or bloating
*   depression
*   hormonal imbalances
*   dry skin & hair
*   menstrual disorders

How Oils Are Processed

Cold Pressed - A method of mechanical extraction where heat is reduced and minimized throughout the processing.  This helps the oil maintain its original state, constituents, and depth.  Temperatures are supposed to be controlled to ensure that it does not exceed 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

However studies have shown that nutrient destroying heat often exceeds 200 degrees Fahrenheit.   It's important to know your manufacturer and their reputation regarding maximum temperatures.

Expeller Pressed - A method of mechanical extraction and processing of oils where oils are heated to about 120-200 degrees Fahrenheit.  Keep in mind that enzymes and nutrients are destroyed at even minimum temperatures over 125 degrees.

This type of procession makes the oil suitable as an inexpensive cosmetic base.   It can be used as a food grade oil.

Refined - This is an unhealthy choice and one to be avoided.   It is a fully processed oil where it has been exposed to all chemical methods of extractions under very high temperatures over 450 degrees and extreme low temps of -30 degrees.

The oils have been chemically deodorized, bleached and there is no remaining natural scent or color.  Save your money and leave these on the shelf.

Partially Refined - A processed oil that only uses two or three of the most objectionable techniques, such as chemical processing, high temps, deodorization, bleaching.  Take your chances on what you're actually getting.   Don't eat it, and don't give it to your dog either.

Unrefined - This offers a screen filtering system without any refining, chemicals, or other harmful methods are used.

This method ensures the highest quality, natural, healthy oil possible.  The natural colors, aromas are retained and are normally darker and richer.  This is our preferred method.

Like everything else, it's up to the consumer to know the manufacturer, read the labels and watch for changes in ingredients or processing every time you make a purchase.

We're very sad and disappointed to report that many  "organic"  companies will often mislead, omit and change their ingreidents.
Read more about  Organic Fraud  on our Herbs Plus page.

"Love many, trust few and always paddle your own canoe" ~ Canadian Mohawk Chief, Billy Two Rivers

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