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Why You Still Need To Work Hard ~  Fonzy Montenegro

In the Law of Attraction niche, the masters talk about letting go of trying too hard and struggling because we don't have to.   It's a waste of energy.   The Universe will help us make our desires a reality.   We just need to take inspired action.

This is actually true in my own life.   Back then when I was struggling, I tried too hard on making things better.   I took action but it felt like a struggle, it really felt awful in my chest and gut.   So I guess something was amiss here.

How come it feels bad when I know that my life will become better by following these steps that the famous and successful people shared?   Then I began to think in the long run, will it always be like this even when I'm successful?   Will it forever be a chore?

Then I discovered Dr. Joe Vitale's video teaser for his program, The Abundance Paradigm.   He said that you just need to take baby steps to achieve what you want.   A lot of people think that they need to do a lot to make things happen when you just need to take inspired action.

This is a type of action where you suddenly get an urge, feeling in your gut, head, or chest that you need to do something.   This is the Universe giving you a sign on what action you should take to allow the dreams you have into physical reality.   This actually feels, well, inspiring.   Basically this type of action feels good and it seems as though the action occurred through you.

I've experienced this type of taking action many times and I'm a big believer in it.   It's because when I followed my gut, I made things happen  (I mean I got what I wanted).   Although before I really understood what inspired action was at that time, thinking back, I did those things out of impulse.

Meeting The Master Of Inspired Action, Rishan B.

While discovering Dr. Joe Vitale's idea of inspired action, I also came across an email from Michael Lee  (a mentor of mine).   He said that it was about an amazing course he discovered about tuning your inner game so the law of attraction works for you better.

It was there where I discovered the sales video for Manifest Absolutely Anything by the man, Rishan B.

Rishan's from Cape Town, Africa.   He's been a fan of personal development since his younger years.   He practiced a lot of techniques like Huna, EFT, and the Sedona Method among others.   He's now an independent marketing and advertising professional on the internet.   He had a job as an actuary but after achieving financial success, he retired immediately.   He has been financially free since he was in his early 20s.

You may notice in my previous posts that, and without a doubt in my upcoming posts, I use the phrase  "it's  as if the action occurs through you" or anything similar when I talk about inspired action.   I actually got it from this guy.   His concept of taking action was very, very different from the other self help gurus.   He doesn't like forcing action because it feels awful.

It feels like you have to give so much just to experience something you desire which in reality, rightfully yours from the moment you asked for it.   Trying really hard to take action will only stress you out every time and if you don't do any healing technique, the stress will accumulate in your body and eventually manifest into a disease.

Another disadvantage about that approach is when you lose everything you've worked really hard for, you'll feel depressed because it took a lot of time and hardcore effort to just get where you were and now you're going to do all that again???

This is why you need to learn to listen to yourself whenever you feel that urgr, you really need to know when and how to take inspired action, seriously.

The Major Pitfall Of Learning Inspired Action

This a major sticking point I had and many others when they learn that working hard and feeling awful is not the answer to a happier, leveraged life.   They become lazy.   This was a major roadblock for me.   I thought that I just had to sit down and wait for what I want to come to me.   Man, what a recipe for disaster.

I spent many months doing nothing for my business, although I would still earn money, I wasn't achieving my target.   It was a bummer.   This is the reason, in my perspective, why so many people in the world who learn about the law of attraction and watch The Secret miserably failed to manifest the life of their dreams.   That's one of the 'unlimited reasons' why they complain that the law of attraction is a sham and a marketing propaganda to make money.

No, no, no!

It's true that you can just sit or lie down but you have to do some action like visualizing and affirming  (mental action).   While you do these proven techniques, you must give your undivided attention and focus.  Avoid just 'going through the motions'  but really put everything you've got into these rituals.

When you keep doing this for a consistent period of time, usually in the first time you do both of these, you will be inspired and motivated to take  (physical)  action.   See the difference?   It's not about just sitting down and waiting, you have to do something to shift your energy and manipulate it so you take an action that feels really good.

I really had a hard time understanding this at that time.   It was very confusing and I had a black and white thinking.   It was practicing and believing consistently for many years  (on and off)  in the law of attraction that I gradually began to see the gray area.

The Gray Area And Why You Still Need Hard Work

Now we're at the point where I'll serve my special dish.   This is an insight I had last night while listening to Abraham Hicks.   When learning to feel good while taking action, you still have to force yourself to take action, initially.   That's it.   That's the key word, initially.   Forcing yourself doesn't have to take forever since, like any skill when mastered or practiced for a long period of time, it's going to become automatic.

At the beginning, learning the law of attraction will take some hard work and discipline because you'll be practicing a new way of thinking, feeling, and behaving.   But the payoff will be for the rest of your life, the ability to take inspired action whenever you want to  (from Rishan B.).

You see, while I always watch out for when the Universe gives me a sign, I don't like having to wait when to take action.   I just do things when I want to do them.   I work first on my emotions before taking any action though.   I think about feeling good and disciplined if I stick through my task till the end.

Like now while writing this blog post, I think about how good it will be when I finish it and that feeling of accomplishment just flows through my body and I feel inspired.   What I'm doing right now is an example of inspired action.    I think about writing as an expression of art, the human creativity, and the wondrousness of life, a perfect unfolding of a life worth living.

Tips on Learning Inspired Action:  Cheat Sheet for Newbies

1)   Start mastering your emotions first.   Use all your willpower to become good at emotional mastery.   This will give you a huge leverage when taking action as you will have the ability to shift your perspective when things get boring and less fulfilling.

By having the ability to think about the advantages and the good feelings you will get when you finish a task, you will be way more productive than the average Joe.   You will achieve more and feel passionate in the process.   Isn't that the ultimate goal in life?

2)  Program your subconscious mind.   Willpower will dry out quickly so you need a boost to stay focused and motivated.   Remember that the subconscious mind is the source of 90% of your thoughts, emotions, and actions.   A research on the brain showed that before you even consciously think about something, the subconscious mind already thought about it and it's making you aware of that thought.   So program yourself to be more positive and confident about your abilities.   Use hypnosis, subliminals, or whatever method resonates with and works for you.

3)   Allow yourself 6 months to master your emotions.   Like with any skill, it will take consistent practice to become an expert at it.   By giving yourself 6 months to practice, you will achieve big and astonishing results.   Eben Pagan  (an internet millionaire)  always said in many of his information products that you need to give yourself at least 90 days to master one of his programs.   When you give yourself a minimum of 90 days, it will seep into your subconscious and become a permanent part of your life.   Well, in our case, it's twice as that so it becomes cemented into our mind.

I did the Abraham Hicks process for 5 months and I didn't use it for 8 months until yesterday.   I never forgot the skills and nuances I acquired.   I still have emotional mastery but of course there is still a lot to learn.

So make sure to work hard on yourself and you'll master ease and flow eventually.

A lot can happen in 6 months.

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