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Healthy Animals

Americans spend about $16 billion dollars yearly on their animal companions, while Europeans spend about $18 billion dollars yearly for their domestic pets, about 80% of those purchases are pet food related.  Those figures suggest that we animal lovers are willing to support the multi billion dollar pet care industry.  But what are we getting for those dollars?  Are we helping our animals by buying them a better quality of life or are we loving them to death?  As a Naturopath and Co Founder of Happy Tails Rescue Association, it's my passion & pleasure to help empower you with information that will add years to your dogs lives.

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Herbs Plus

Create popular herbal remedies, herbal teas and natural healing herbal blends, appreciate how to wildcrafted herbs and easily include them as part of a healthy holistic life style.  Included are important medicinal mushrooms too

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Americans are getting fatter and fatter, we are waddling around like grain fed cattle, could that be the problem.

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Meet the faces behind this website, they may surprise & delight you!  Share our passion for all things natural, including home remedies, natural foods and natural living.  We don't just write about it, we live it!

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Beneficial Herbal properties, traditional uses, natural remedies, native fomulas, herbal reviews of Ayurvedic, TCM herbs and more

This isn't your conventional list of herbal or medicinal plants, we include medicinal mushrooms and important Ayurvedic and TCM herbs

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Natural Health Home Remedies

We share the belief that harmony, balance, natural health, peace & tranquility can only be created within the holistic boundaries of a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy spirit.  Applying these same principles to all aspects of healthy life will create the most favorable environment for your body to emerge into abundant and radiant natural health.  Just as nature intended.  Good health is as natural as it gets.  Discover natural health remedies using the best of nature's raw foods, raw goat milk, ancient Ayurvedic, Chinese & Native medicinal herbs, therapeutic mushrooms, medicinal teas, biomagnetics and natural healing remedies.

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Chocolate is known as The Food Of The Gods, appreciated for providing increased energy, delicious taste, sexual prowess, antioxidant rich with many health benefits, finally considered a healthy indulgence to enjoy, without guilt.

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Why You Still Need To Work Hard

What Is Holism? Where does this term come from, what is it's true meaning? Is it correctly used today.

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Blinded by the Light

We all know that guy. Sometimes he’s a member of the family, sometimes an audacious neighbour and sometimes an overly enthusiastic colleague desperate

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The Smithfield market is renowned throughout the Country

The Barbican centre is one of the area’s most important landmarks. It first opened in 1982 and since then it has gone on to become one of the most respected

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Healthy Living

A healthy natural lifestyle is a decision you make to live healthy now.  Holistic lifestyle secrets aren't engraved in stone, they are flexible, fluid, fun and as individual as you are.  There are easy healthy changes that you can start today, and add to as you feel comfortable and get into the swing of living a natural life.

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Healthy Food

Natural food doesn't require an identification label, you can easily recognize it as living food.   It's either pure, unprocessed without additives, extenders, fillers, coloring, chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, steroids, antibiotics, cloning or pasteurization.  It's food or a food like substance

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Raw Goat Milk

According to the Journal of American Medicine, Goat's milk is the most complete food known. Goat milk contains 50 nutrients including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, electrolytes & amino acids that the body can't produce.  Learn the hidden dirty deal relationship between Whiskey distillation and pasteurized milk.

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Natural food doesn't require an identification label, and it isn't GMO.   It's either pure, unprocessed without additives, extenders, fillers, coloring, chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, steroids, antibiotics, cloning or pasteurization.  It's food or FrankenFood that needs to be avoided like the poison it is

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Food Wars

In 2008, 180 countries declared that their citizens have a fundamental right to food.  Only one country voted against this rudimentary right.  Can you guess which country that was?  There is no right to food in the land of the free and home of the brave.  Further the FDA has stated that you do not have a fundamental right to obtain any food that you wish.  Today you have a choice by voting with your dollars in selecting only pure, natural, healthy foods and rejecting GMO, pasteurized, irradiated and dead false foods.  Your health depends on making the right choice.

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Radiation Sickness

Do not be comforted by the false sense of security that low levels of radiation aren't harmful.  In 1972 Dr Abram Petkau discovered that low levels of radiation, over a longer period of time, were more damaging than higher doses over a short period of time.  Once you ingest or inale even very low levels of radioative particles this immediately starts potentially lethal tissue ionization.  You are ionizing or irradiating yourself continuously from the inside out.  This insidious burning at your molecular level will impair your body long before there is a diagnosable disease.  Free radicals are generated during long term exposure to extremely low levels of radiation.  There are many things you can do.

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Nobody understands better than I do about the slap-in-the-face realization that the healthy food myth of Soy is a deliberate lie designed to deceive consumers.  Does it make you livid to see Soy Products lining the shelves in the healthy food sections?  Our friends at the USDA have strict regulations on the amount of soy that may be fed to animals because of the numerous known health consequences.  The USDA has not set any limits on human soy consumption, we can gourge ourselves and fatten ourselves with as much as we like.  The foul smelling truth about Soy Lecithin revealed in detail

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Enjoying a superfoods diet with specific nutrients has been proven to be beneficial in the reduction, control and defense against many nutritional deficiency disorders such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and many cancers.  It might be easy to think of these raw superfoods as super potent, turbo charged, power foods!  Don't worry if you missed your invitation to the The Raw Food Revolution . People around the world are experiencing the health benefits of superfoods and they're excited about sharing their experience with others!

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Natural Baby Care

Congratulations on making the significant choice in giving your baby a solid foundation in his or her life by avoiding the bombardment of toxic synthetic chemicals.   Too many children today suffer from skin irritations, rashes, eczema and compromised immune systems often caused by synthetic chemicals, fragrances and other additives in the products that we use.  These conditions are anything but natural and can be relieved.  Plus learn how you can be a Work At Home Mom.

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Healthy Oils

Confirum your suspicions about exactly which oils are healthy cooking oils and which are perfect for natural skin, hair and body care.  You may never touch the supposedly healthy oils that you currently are using

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Healthy Home

Some of the things we think of with an earth friendly home is that it's energy efficient, uses renewable energy sources, offers a low environmental impact, has crisp, fresh indoor air quality, is free of clutter and kept naturally clean with earth friendly products.  This isn't a fantasy, you can create it to please you.

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Bio Magnetics

Magnetic therapy enjoys an ancient heritage and has occupied a central role in Chinese medicine for over 2000 years.  Magnetic Therapy is a natural method used to relieve pain, restore energy and enhance sleep.  It has proven to be a safe, effective, economical, and a simple to use form of natural therapy.

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Glycemic Index

Johns Hopkins University projects that by 2015 24 percent of all American children and 75 percent of all American adults will be overweight or obese.  How fat can we get?  Obesity is caused by over eating too much of the wrong type of carbohydrates, and eating too many empty calories.  It's that simple, but not so simple to avoid the wrong foods.   Obesity promotes a more sedentary lifestyle and makes you sick and miserable before it slowly strangles your organs in fat and then kills you.  This is a battle for our health and we can win!

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Bhringaraj is part of 5,000 years of ancient Ayurvedic herbal system with many important beneficial properties that can contribute to a natural healthy, holistic lifestyle

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Online Classes

Today's world is changing quickly, knowledge is accelerating, new entrepreneur opportunities are being created.  Online learning offers busy professionals, stay at home moms or dads, students and even the economically challenged new hopeful horizons.  What better moment in time is there to take advantage of online classes, and continuing education classes, to improve your world?

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What Is Holism?

What Is Holism?  Where does this term come from, what is it's true meaning?  Is it correctly used today.

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Bird Flu

Separating the hype and scare tactics from the facts and special interests is crucial in evaluating the true potential for an Avian Flu pandemic.  These facts are lifted right from CDC, WHO and UN data and are easily verifiable.  The truth regarding bird blue pandemic may ruffle a few feathers!

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Essential Oils

Aromatherapy benefits, essential oil properties, aromatherapy recipes, home remedies, essential oil uses, why MRSA isn't a big deal, how to stop toe nail fungus, staph infection, and which oils to fall asleep with or feel passionate about.  Said to be the oldest form of natural medicine, learn how to make your own blends for holistic living, herbal bath teas and more

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Borage Seed oil

Discover where to buy kukui nut, how to formulate receipes using it for healthy eating and as part of traditional, healthy skin and natural hair care

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Bacteria are a highly intelligent and adaptable life form, like all life forms their goal is to survive.  Some bacteria are naturally immune to antibiotics and others quickly adapt a resistance in order to survive.  Through synthetic pharmaceutical use we have created highly adaptable, antibiotic resistant bacteria, they do this through evolutionary trial and error.  There's always a better way naturally.

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