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The Smithfield market is renowned throughout the Country

by tonyscott143

The Barbican centre is one of the area’s most important landmarks. It first opened in 1982 and since then it has gone on to become one of the most respected art complexes in the capital.

It transformed what was once a barren patch of unwanted land into a flurry of excitement and inspiration, dramatically changing the fortunes of the area. It’s most famous for two of its buildings, the first of which is the art gallery. Located on the third floor, the gallery is composed of two exhibition areas and is the favoured home of touring shows, rather than permanent or long term installations.

It specialises in modern and contemporary art and has recently played host to Sebastio Salgado’s vast collection of black and white photographs. These monotone pieces aim to capture the human side of war and major political incidents, and the display was overwhelming praised by critics during its time at the Barbican.

If you’re looking for a little bit of a lighter way to spend an afternoon with your beautiful, independent Barbican escort, don’t despair. The gallery has also played host some more enjoyable events, like Game On, an exhibition that celebrated the development of video games and the effect that they’ve had on modern culture.

It was a colourful, tongue in cheek ride through the likes of Space invaders and Super Mario all the way up to the present day with the rip roaring rush of adrenaline and sinister suspense that is Metroid Prime.

The second big attraction of the Barbican centre is the Barbican theatre. Originally conceived as the home of The Royal Shakespeare Company, the theatre has since parted ways with the classical troupe and now serves as one of the top locations for international performances.

The unique structure provides a truly intimate setting for all of the audience, as not one seat is further than 65 feet away from the stage. This stops expensive seats from being a necessity, as they are in many theatres, and ensures that a brilliant evening with a meal, a taxi, a cheap London escort and a trip to the theatre won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

If you fancy cooking dinner, instead of going out, then you’re in luck. The Smithfield market is one of the oldest and most revered markets in the country.

It primarily sells meat, and animals produce like cheese, and its prices are known to affect the going rates for meat and poultry throughout the UK. The enormous Victorian architecture contains a sleek exterior, which is widely regarded as the most modern meat market in Europe.

A stunning eighty-five thousand tonnes of produces passes through its halls every year and it can count many of London’s most discerning patrons among its regular customers. If you’re looking to impress a lady, friends or one of the renowned Barbican escorts then there’s nothing better than taking them down to the market and showing off your culinary knowledge by picking out a good cut of meat and cooking it into something truly special.

If you’re not so hot when it comes to cooking don’t worry, the Smithfield butchers are like the rest of the people of Barbican: funny, friendly, and ever eager to please.

Author information:

Tony Scott is a writer with experience in magazine columns, short articles and editing. He is the author of this article on Barbican Escort. For more information contact Indian Escorts London.

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