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Natural Salves

Old Fashion Herbal Salves    Holistic healing would be incomplete without wonderful hand blended natural salves.  Herbal salves enjoy a rich history of use with secret formulas lovingly passed down generation after generation.

Natural skin care used to be so simple.

Medicinal herbs and essential oils are blended with other natural oils to design a simple natural home remedy that will help sooth everything from cold sores, to quenching the thirst of dry skin.

Why suffer  with nasty smelling petroleum based ointments that burn and don't work?

Natural salves work quickly, effectively and without burning, itching or hurting.

Salves are soothing, they quickly and gently penetrate the skin, virtually infusing all the goodness & healing herbal properties right where they are most needed.

They don't burn of have harmful side effects and offer almost instant comforting relief from many different symptoms.

Quicker than petroleum based pharmaceuticals.

Smell great.

No side effects.

And ultimately costing you a lot less too!

Sounds like a winning combination to me!

Grandmothers Loved Them

Your grandmother or grandfather probably used to slap an herbal salve or other natural skin cream on your parents if they had a bee sting or other skin problems or injuries.

Some of those earlier natural salves might have been made with some pretty greasy hog lard or something else equally unappealing.

Thankfully, some things change for the best.   Now there is a wealth of year round available, natural herbs, healthy oils and essential oils literally at our fingertips.

You can make your own salve fairly easily or   buy every type imaginable.

At the touch of our fingers to the keyboard we can quickly find everything from organic skin care products, to boil drawing salve, massage oils, Native America remedies, all American salve formulas, dry skin products, Ayurvedic herbs, Arabic, Traditional Chinese and some just plain ole fashioned herbal salves that the early pioneers and settlers used.

Really, what could be more American than a good old fashioned hebal salve?

You'll probably find that a salve may have multiple uses due to the hundreds or thousands of natural chemical activities, and you might even discover some uses that aren't mentioned.   Part of the adventure is learning about herbal properties, how they synergistically combine and compliment each other and which ones work most effectively for your needs.

We prefer salves that are made with 100% natural ingredients, using fresh or dried herbs, healthy oils, butters, natural preservatives and essential oils.

Make sure what you buy doesn't have artificial ingredients or the slew of stabilizers and other junk.

Herbal Salves are convenient and naturally preserved with vitamin E or other essential oils.

Often, it's surprising even to me how well and quickly they work.

Mother Nature is truly awesome, only our Creator knows why something works.

We have some favorites that are pretty amazing and have used them for many different purposes.

One of the ones that I always have on hand is Achy Bonz  Within seconds of using it on a sore back, pulled muscles, ligaments, shoulder injuries, back aches or neck aches, the pain is gone!

It provides incredible, temporary pain relief associated with arthritis, sprains, bumps, aches, bruises, heel spurs, shin splints, and minor muscular aches.

Achy Bonz is 100% natural and contains:

*   Extra virgin Olive Oil
*   Aloe Vera Gel
*   Shea Butter
*   Comfrey Root
*   Yucca Root
*   Artemisia
*   Marshmallow root
*   Mullein leaf
*   Lobelia
*   Skullcap
*   Horsetail
*   White Willow Bark
*   MSM
*   Glucosamine Sulfate
*   Beeswax
*   Vitamin E
*   Essential oils of Tea Tree, Lavender, Wintergreen, Thyme, Lemongrass, Cajeput, Eucalyptus & Peppermint.
Achy Bonz Salve (2 oz jar ) - $15.95

Many salves are very similar in nature but offer different herbal properties, confirm to see which might help with your particular need.

If you read the properties of each ingredient you'll begin to formulate an understanding of how many hundreds of natural chemicals are in each formula, working together just as nature intended.

Hresh herbal salves keep longest if refrigerated when not in use.  Natural salves are temperature sensitive and may feel hard and cold right out of the refrigerator.  They warm immediately upon touch.

Oh, and one last thing, most dogs, horses, cats & other animals really apprecite them too!  Our horses or dogs will move look suspiciously at the jar and think "oh no, another nasty ointment."

Once they smell them, you can see them relax and enjoy the application.  Many critters are quite fond of licking the salves.    It's OK, don't panic, as long as the salve you buy is natural, with nothing harmful, and internal application might just be what they need.

In observing the hundreds of animals we're fortunate enough to work with, we find that they will seek out various fresh herbs, grasses, flowers, leaves, barks, roots and eat them.   Not to mention the "recycled alfalfa" from our horses.

There is sound logic here, everything they nibble on is full of various vitamins, enzymes or minerals that they know they need and may be lacking in their commercial food.

As long as there aren't chemical contaminants, let them eat the grass!

And please don't cut those dandelions!

Also dogs that don't normally like foo foo stuff applied to them, really enjoy natural salves.

The other salve that is always in our medicine cabinet is Ugly Salve  It may not be beautiful, but it does do some beautiful things.

It got it's name because it looks like something you'd rub on an old tractor part!

When you need serious natural skin care for dry, itchy or chapped hands, feed, elbows or to help with minor scratches, excellent on small cuts we don't know of anything better.

We've used this on huge puncture wounds on our horses during field emergencies and it's amazing!

This rich blend will feel so smooth and soothing and in a few minutes will blend into the skin and leave it feeling soft.    Works super fast on hot spots, skin conditions, helps minimize scars and promote quick coat & hair regrowth.

This is our favorite salve, it has helped so many animals and humans far faster than modern medicine could imagine, without harmful side effects and for a fraction of the cost.

Gentle enough to help babies with eczema.    Just a tiny amount is all that's needed.

Hand blended with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Calendula blossoms, Comfrey root, Goldenseal, Vitamin E, Rosehips & Beeswax.
Ugly Salve (2 oz jar ) - $24.95

"The mountains I become part of it..
The herbs & Fir trees, I become part of it...
The morning mists, the clouds, the gathering waters
I become a part of it"   ~   Navajo chant


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