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The inspiration, birth and design of this site, comes from my profound respect for the natural world, full of wondrous energy, natural remedies and medicinal herbs.

Some five thousand years before modern medicine there existed native herbal remedies and healing traditions in India, China, Australia and the Americas.  These natural healing beliefs wove their health concepts around the core of harmonious living within the natural realm; where the body, mind, spirit and all aspects of a person were viewed as an integral part of the whole person.

The word Holistic has been tossed about since the 1970's and commonly refers to a natural means of doing something, whether it's referencing education, medicine, building, psychology or eating.

Simple, pure natural food, natural herbs unadulterated and inexpensive natural home remedies are some of the thoughts that come to mind when considering all things natural.

Have you ever wondered why anyone would try to improve or radically modify Mother Nature's herbal remedies?

This Website is dedicated to all of us who share the belief that harmony and balance can only be created within holistic boundaries.

Applying these same simple principles to other aspects of our life will create the precise environment we need in order to emerge into abundance and radiant natural health, just as nature intended. Nothing more and nothing less.

Are We Truth Seekers?

If we are to be proficient truth seekers about natural health, how do we find the truth?

How do we know what to believe and what to dismiss?    How are we able to separate fact from fiction or fact from self serving agendas or from out right misrepresentations?

How do we trust the person or media who is telling us something?   Are they telling us or providing information for us to make our own decisions regarding eating right and natural healing?

Today, finding a truth is easier than ever, there are no important secrets floating around out there that don't eventually have a thread to the Internet.

Everything is at our finger tips....there is literally access to every major university in the world, the worlds libraries, newspapers and wire services.   That isn't to imply that if it's online, it's a sacred truth, no more so than any other form of media

The Internet is simply an amazing tool we can use to quickly sift through enormous amounts of information about natural health, complimentary and alternative medicine, medicinal herbs and read stories form folks who believe in them.   Research that used to take days and weeks pouring through libraries now can be accessed in minutes!

Sixty years of television has changed this country, it's an invited guest into most of our homes, it serves as a baby sitter, it fills the silence of an empty room, it enables busy lives to be entertained 24/7, it helps people unwind after long commutes, it shows the latest fashions world wide, provides weather and news.

Or is it more than that?

Many believe that watching TV is a harmless, entertaining activity worthy of our attention, but there are some eye-opening things to consider.   The average American family watches about 5 hours daily.

Television is essentially a platform for elite advertisers and policy leaders of the dominant society to peddle their wares by directly touching your emotions with a steady stream of images that distract your process of logical thinking.

Did you know that every year the food and drug companies spend well over   $50 billion   on marketing messages to U.S. consumers, designed to influence your food and medical choices?

The majority  (75 percent)  of commercial network television time is paid for by the 100 largest corporations in North America.

Some of these companies even have budgets in the billions, and not surprisingly these budgets have the power to influence TV producers to create television that suits their agendas, and frequently, these agendas are not aligned with your best interests.

How much time do they devote to promoting living foods, super foods, natural healing or inexpensive, simple natural home remedies?

Watching highly emotional and dramatic programs affect our brains chemistry and puts us in a receptive state, thereby shutting off our logical process.

Pictures truly paint thousands of words and are carefully selected and chosen for the desired message, impact and target result.

To get you to buy something.

We're doing a great job trying to be healthy by eating right and eating, wearing, drinking and buying what we're told to.

There are two problems, in spite of doing what we're told, the health of our people is worse than ever before and rapidly deteriorating....... it only takes one look to see the soaring obesity rates, diabetes and other disorders, even amount young children.

The other problem is that our beliefs about natural food and natural health choices are being very heavily influenced with advertising dollars

Is the truth being massaged away by corporate interests and media propaganda?

Are we being programmed and manipulated into eating, drinking, wearing, bathing in and shampooing with things that serve the Corporate bottom line?

While there are many ethical businesses, the majority of products contain numerous known cancer and other disease causing ingredients.

Did you know that the average  "fresh"  supermarket fruit or vegetable has been sprayed with about 30 different pesticides?

If I can easily discover the harmful effects of particular chemicals, don't you think the Corporations already know?

They do know and don't care.

Isn't it a worthy goal to teach them to care about what their consumers want?

I want them to provide us with good, healthy, natural foods, all natural hair care and other pure household products?

What do you want them to provide you with?

The Corporations enjoy enormous financial health while we are ruining our health.

If you're happy with the Corporate Status Quo and your health, you might as well click to another website.

Instead, I'd like you to consider reclaiming, and enjoying, your optimal radiant health and then you can share the good news with your family and friends.

We can become a healthy family, a healthy city, state and country of healthy and informed people.

If Email jokes can navigate the globe in days, what positive effect would the right health information have?   This isn't just about American health, it's about world health.   We are all connected.

Personally, I'm not satisifed with driving a Corporation to another country where they can easily sell their toxic goods to an uneducated people or poor people.

Should anything less than vibrant, natural health be acceptable anywhere?

Why can't we all repair our broken connections with natural health?

Our journey will explore everything related to natural health, including the controversy surrounding raw milk or a raw diet, living foods, home remedies for dogs to folk remedies from the four corners of the earth, I'll even share my passion for dark chocolate!

And Yes, it's actually good for you!

Do herbal remedies, herbal teas, herbal tinctures, natural salves and natural home remedies passed down through generations really work?

I'll provide enough information to make my fingers sore from typing.

Even that is just a starting point for you to continue your journey.... but only you can decide for yourself what eating healthy and living healthy means to you.

Don't we all deserve to enjoy a more holistic life?

Mother Nature

There was a time when the world was more simple and the term Organic would instill confidence that we were buying a product produced with completely pure ingredients, without contamination or any toxic synthetic chemicals.

Sadly that definition, as it relates to  "organic"  is being abused toda

What is Organic?   "Organic" compounds are produced by  "living or formerly living things that contain carbon"


That means that anything that has or ever had any carbon in it is organic.  Petrochemicals, human waste, horse manure, compost and Mercury can also be considered  "organic"  but would you really want to eat, wear or have them touch your skin?

Neither would I!  And not on my dogs, horses, goats, chickens, cats, llamas either!

Recently you may have noticed more and more  "organic"  body care and food products.  Thankfully, many of these companies are offering exactly what we consumers want, products that are wholesome, natural, pure, non toxic, safe and non contaminated by harsh synthetic chemicals.  Others companies are not.

Some manufactures are taking advantage of the loose organic definition and may make claims such as   "70% organic"  or  "contains 85% organic ingredients"

But if you read the label you won't be deceived.   Maybe.

This type of deceptive marking is legal, and the manufacturer is often referring to the  "water"   content of his product.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

For these reasons I have moved away from the term organic and am using the terms " natural or wildcrafted" instead.  True, these terms are not as impressive sounding and lack certifications, but more importantly, they are completely natural.

My hope is that these definitions will not suffer the adulteration and abuse than government certifications have.  Time will tell.

Currently the USDA allows 273 +/-  synthetic chemicals in the production, manufacturing, processing or end  “organic”  product.

Not exactly natural is it?

And no labeling requirement showing those chemicals, so there's no way of knowing which cheimcals you're buying!

And the USDA is even considering allowing GMO vaccines in organic livestock production!

And they are supportive of GMO alfalfa that feeds all of the food production livestock in most of the world

Do you trust that they have your best interests in mind?

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) held a protest, March 2010, outside of the largest annual gathering of the natural and organic products industry, Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim California.

Right next to Disneyland

Members were picketing the entrance and distributing flyers to educate the public about the organic fraud and lack of ethical regulation in the organic personal care marketplace.

Might it indicate that their priorities, directions and understanding of what consumers want are unrealistic and geared more towards special corporate interests?

I consider their Organic Certification to be worse than meaningless, since it's deliberately deceptive.

There are other ethical organic or natural certifications that don't allow the same synthetics that the USDA does.  So now, it's even important to know who the organic certifier is!

Good health is very natural

"Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.

I can never be what I ought to be, until you are what you ought to be.

This is the interrelated structure of reality."
   Martin Luther King Jr.

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