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where to find raw goat milk from goats fed zeolite

by lila york
(new york, ny)

any ideas? I am in new york city

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Apr 20, 2011
another possible resource
by: Toni

Another possibility for raw goat/cow milk.

Not all folks are operating a certified dairy and who can possibly keep up with the "laws" regarding raw milk in each state.

You could have friends check rural areas where they see goats, it's kidding time which means fresh milk. Some farms could be willing to sell to you on site, and then you could suggest feeding Zeolite or Bentonite and explain why.

Hope you're able to find some!

Apr 20, 2011
Where To Find Raw Milk
by: Toni


Thanks for asking this important question. Weston A Price Foundation has a great site that shows, state by state, where you can buy raw milk, and whether it's cow or goat milk.

Raw Milk directory

To know whether the cows or goats have been fed Zeolite or Bentonite you would need to contact each one individually.

I'm 12 miles outside of a town of <4,000 and 22 miles in the opposite direction we actually have a Certified Grade A Raw Goat Milk Dairy. She is giving her goat girls Bentonite per my request.

Even if the goats or cows have not been fed Zeolite or Bentonite, you can still put clay in the raw milk.

We are all connected in this same Radioactive mess, with no immediate end in site. We drink her milk. We also give Bentonite or Zeolite to all of our animals in their water, they love it.

We also rinse our produce in a clay/water mix and toss outside, rather than down the drain. The clay will bind all toxins. Even if someone drinks the bound clay it will be excreted and not absorbed by the body.

If you find local dairies please post that helpful info on your web page that you just created.


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