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Two Beauties full of LOVE and Happiness!

by Linda
(Portland OR)

To all of those who either have or are longing to have the best friend ever, I can tell you I have 2 and would own 6 more if I had the space.

Yes, I am talking about Happy Tails Rotti's. My first girl, Stella is a wonderful, loyal sweetheart. Came to me full of energy, ready to hike miles. Our favorite pass time.

I thought it would be a good idea to develop a relationship with the Holistic Vet, here in town. Much to my dismay, the vet insisted upon giving Stella a Rabies Vaccination. I expressed my concerns but she told me it was the "LAW" and proceeded. I had no idea that a Titer test could have been done and once the results were found a rabies shot could have been avoided (most likely).

Stella became ill within one day and the vet, darn her, knew exactly what it was. After tests and plenty of natural meds she is still living but doesn't have the robust energy and may never fully recover.

I am seeing another Vet, happiness is, who is using Chinese Herbs and other supplements to help her along. This has cost thousands of dollars and the pain and suffering has been horrible.

I so hope that anyone who might read this will avoid vaccinations entirely. Go to a vet who truly is Holistic and question first, do not allow them to intimidate you like I was.

It will never happen to me again. Fortunately, my second girl, another Happy Tails lovely lady, Carly has avoided the vet other than having a manicure.

They are both the sweetest most loving girls one could hope for. All of my friends and neighbors adore my girls. Toni and Dwight are the best, there aren't enough words nor space to express how much I appreciate them.

Please enjoy their website and order products that are life sustaining for you and your four legged family.

Blessings to All!

Portland OR

Pictures to follow

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Feb 19, 2011
Wiggly Rotti Girls
by: Toni

Your Rotti girls are in paradise. We should all be so lucky to enjoy the delicious, raw and organic foods you so lovingly prepare. Not even to mention that delicious Raw Goat Milk that we all adore!

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