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soy and men

by Neema F
(San Francisco)

So I used to bodybuild and something that was an unspoken mantra among the men is we would NEVER supplement using soy protein. It had to only be either animal protein or some form of whey.

Then all of a sudden there was an article in one of the big bodybuilding magazines that talks about all the benefits and advantages of supplementing with soy protein a few years ago.

And then I started reading numerous articles (one from NaturalNews) and it talks about how most soy products are genetically modified and are not even really natural the way it is grown and extracted.

I also recall reading an article (and hearing it in general conversation) how soy can "feminize" men to an extent by promoting estrogen levels. I'm not sure how accurate this is but I can say that a good amount of the foods men eat are causing impotence (mostly due to low sperm count).

What's my take on soy? Keep your distance. Unless you're a vegan and it's the only way to get your daily protein intake. Even then there are other ways and products other than soy (i.e. hemp).


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