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7 Black Widow Bites

by Dwight
(Goldendale, Washington state)

Big Foot

Big Foot

When I was dragging some metal roofing a year or two ago I noticed a black widow spider and thought nothing of it and continued to drag the metal with the spider on it. I really didn't notice when the Black Lady decided to bite my ankle.

Later that day, I noticed it when my ankle had swollen greatly and there were several red spots on my leg. I was wearing rubber clogs which was probably not the best foot wear. Later when I tried to put my boots on, my lower leg was so swollen that it was impossible.

Some time later that day I began having neurological problems such as unstable balance, dizzy and pain in the stomach and other flu like symptoms. At this point I still had not put 2 and 2 together.

After carefully inspecting my leg that night, it was not a rust color up to the knee and very large.

Bites from black widow spiders can have the same impact as a rattle snake bite. Now, that I've recovered all sorts of people have had 1 bite and had to have surgery or take a year to learn to walk again.

As the venom was spreading through my system, the individual bites couldn't be seen, my entire leg from the knee down was the horrid rust color. Then as my body begin to repel and over come the venom, the individual bites could be seen. Actually, there are more than 7, but after 1 who's counting?

Not me. I was one of the very lucky ones. I was already taking the best possible natural remedy. Lions Mane Mushroom tincture, which rebuilds nerves. I increased the amount I was taking, took Serrapeptase enzyme for inflammation and immune support herbs, plus applied some Bentonite clay to draw out toxins and within a couple of weeks was back to normal.

I now will make sure that any black widows are long gone from my work area, but still do not kill them unless they insist on coming inside the house.

I shudder to think what damage a hospital would have done to me, without even addressing the problem or fixing it.

The photos are after the leg had started to diminish in size and the individual bites could be seen.

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Oct 15, 2012
Been bitten more than once..
by: Peggy

I live in an old brick Tudor house with basement. I have been bitten more than once but when I go to the doctor they have never said it was a black widow spider or if I call poison control they say I m not in any danger but after seeing the photos of bites they look just like mine. Just recently I was bitten again but this time bad leg and hip pain where it was hard to walk. I'm now taking this serious and if this pain doesn't go away by morning I'm going back to the doctor...

Sep 15, 2011
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